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Lenovo Y580 which modded Bios to unlock? HELP pls.


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Hi guys,

i am a user of a Lenovo Y580 with GTX 660m and the i5 CPU. My current bios version is: 5DCN89WW(8.0), release date: 23.08.2012. Iam from Germany. Pls can anyone explaine me which bios i must take to unlock my gtx660m?

Svl7 posted two versions, in one hand the version 2.07(5DCN40WW) and in the other hand the Version 8.00(5DCN90WW), which one is the right one? I don´t want to brick my notebook ;) The "5DCN" is not the same one...

And i have another question too, when i try to download the attached files from the "Lenovo Y580 / Y480 'unlocked' BIOS versions" for example Svl7 Lenovo Y580 - Y480 BIOS v8.00 (5DCN90WW) - Mod.zip then come a vBullentin Message that i have no permissions to do this action ?!

So please help me :)

Thanks a lot. and sry for my bad englisch ;))

EDIT: So i was able to download the files, in the discribtion my bios was listetd, i flash it successful and it works fine! Big thanks to svl7! for this great work. A little bit strange is my current gpu clock under nvidiaInspector, it tells me 885 mhz, default gpu clock 1000. When i try to force the pstate of 0,5 = 5 and unlock the max clock and try to fix gpu for example at 1200 mhz it dont work, the current clock still stay at 885Mhz. So i think the Nvidia Forceware limit the clock in their new drivers?

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Just for the record you can try going higher clocks. I never had any stability issues with 1250/3000/1,125V. Chip quality vary, so you might hit your limit sooner or later than I did. Word of advice: DO NOT overclock when you don't need it. When you already reach fluent FPS it's not worth going further just to get few more FPS. Use it only when you actually need it.

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