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Arkham Origins is a short game ?


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is this true?

Overall Batman: Arkham Origins is a short game

With the sheer number of villains and assassins that have been introduced for Batman: Arkham Origins, one would think that the game would be intense and long-- enough to keep you up for quite a few nights. Surprisingly, this is not the case, in fact, far from it, as the game only lasts a few hours.According to GameFront, the game can be completed in a span of half a day, or 12 hours to be precise. What's more, it seems that the 12 hours already covers side quests. Perhaps the main disappointment here lies in the fact that its predecessors and veteran developers of the Batman: Arkham game series put a staggering 40 hours of a fight, which makes the 12 hours seem too simple.

Then again, perhaps this is where the I Am Night mode steps in, where you only have one life to live and get through the game. In addition, the DLC will also feature a ninja-in-training Batman, which fits into the origin story of a caped crusader aiming to hone his skills and become the hero he is meant to be

Batman: Arkham Origins includes a permadeath mode that’s unlocked after you complete the main quest and New Game Plus. Hardcore batfans will likely opt for the third playthrough not just for the challenge, but because the single-player campaign and all of its sidequests can be completed in just 12 hours.

That’s what Batman: Arkham Origins Producer Guillaume Voghel told Eurogamer over the weekend. And I’m not too pleased about it. While I’m looking forward to I Am The Night mode, the 12 hour playthrough including sidequests raises a few red flags that have been at half mast ever since Arkham Origins was announced. Namely: a new, untested studio, WB Montreal, is at the helm, not Arkham series creator Rocksteady Studios; and the writer of the first two games, award-winning comic scribe Paul Dini, is not involved. Throw in the fact the robust main campaign and sidequests in Batman: Arkham City took roughly 40 hours to complete, and it adds up to Arkham Origins sounding like a quickly thrown together follow-up that won’t come close to the high standards set by the first two games. Basically, what we feared it would be in the first place.

I actually got the chance to go hands-on with Batman: Arkham Origins at E3 back in June, and I had a ball. It looks and plays just like Arkham City, but my overall impression was that it felt more like an expansion, not a full-blown sequel. News of the 12-hour playthrough time only solidifies that opinion, and it becomes downright perturbing when you consider that Warners recently announced at least five DLC packs for Arkham Origins. Among those five packs is Initiation, a single-player adventure where players become pre-Batman Bruce Wayne and learn to become a ninja from the master who taught Ra’s al Ghul.

Sounds like a terrific mission that perfectly suits Origins’ main theme of a young Batman learning the ropes. Warners withholding it from the already brief core game and selling it as DLC is downright villainous and another sign the publisher is more interested in an easy payday than taking care of its most important franchise.

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Im definitely looking forward to the initiation dlc. Havent gotten to play the game itself yet but if its only 12 hours ill be playing It through more than once. Im a die hard fan of the bat and if it plays like arkham city and has a good story ill play it till my heart stops.

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I don't think it is. Currently on Steam I've put 35 hours into it, and I've only beaten the first game mode, with just about all the sidequests completed. Granted, I'm not as good at the game as other people probably are, but I think 12 hours is an understatement.

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