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What movies have you seen lately?


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Saw the new star trek. It was pretty damn good. Like Brian said there is the one part towards the end that is painfully predictable, but it is still a great movie.

I really wish that abrahms would drop the silliness that's needed to keep a movie PG-13. No swearing. Tons of people getting killed, but that's OK as long as they don't swear! Plus the people getting shot just falling down thing is odd too. I can never tell if they are stunning or killing people since the effects look the same. Just make it R, or ,maybe make the theatre version PG-13, but have that version and an R version for DVD? It wouldn't take a whole lot more work, but it would make things seem much more "real".

I still find it amazing that the matrix got an R rating, but the dark knight was PG-13. What is 17+ in the matrix, uhhh.... they say shit in the matrix! R! Dark Knight has tons of terrorism and other crazy shit, but no one swears so PG-13!

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I completely agree these ratings are ridiculous. A much more darker themed star trek movie with cussing and gore would make it seem far more realistic. This latest movie is good but still feels like a fluffy Disney movie.

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Saw Fast and Furious 6 today.. It was good, but I think this series should die soon. The first one was the best in my opinion, how that could be nostalgia kicking in. The last two seemed to be very similar in the way of them having a team, and coming up with some extraordinary plan to get what they want.

Its better than just a brain dead street racing movie.

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Spring Breakers - 6/10 Was good if you dig Harmony Korine flicks. More tame then usual which is still excess for most :) Riff Raff makes a appearance as James Franco. Good watch just don't expect a point in the end. Harmony tends to focus on the waste time and despair of early youth.

Jack Reach(around)er - 3.5/10 Boring and predictable over the top "24" type movie. Okay if you are multitasking something else.

Dark Skies - 7.5/10 Liked it a lot as it is feasible horror done well. Don't want to say too much to give it away but it is more feasible then most horror.

Sinister - 4/10 Lame predictable horrors. Does a good job building immersion at the start only to keep on with the predictability of the plot. "Scene plays of a family of 4, 3 which hanging from a tree and the child is missing. Who hung the family?" DURP

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