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What movies have you seen lately?


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Saw The Giver a week ago. It was freaking great. Except the ending. I was confused.. probably should read the book. Was the house really there or was it just his memory replaying in front of him and the house wasn't really there. Or maybe one of the previous Recievers of memory knew someone that ventured outside the area and saw the house.

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Big Hero 6 was fantastic!

DO NOT go see Anabelle. Worst Horror movie ever.

I do recommend that anyone who likes dry comedy / satires, watch "What we do in the Shadows". It is a "Real-World" Vampires movie that is drop on the floor hilarious.

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Do TV series finales count? I watch an occassional detective / mystery show and recently saw Poirot season 13 episode 5 "Curtain: Poirot's last case" and it was great. Many good points were brought up concerning the weighing of justice and morality. ...The end is thought provoking. That Agatha Christie can write a good book (turned show in this case). It ran for 25 years and the main actors were hand-picked by Christie's family (she's been dead longer than I've been alive).

On the other side of things (and the crime novel / mystery movie geek in me aside); Was Furious 7 too much of an "action movie" and too little a "car guy" movie or a good blend of both? The cast alone tells me it's done perfectly, but I have to ask...

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