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[M17x R4] BIOS A13 released

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Dell put a new BIOS for the R4 on their site, you can grab it here: Driver Details | Dell US


Fixed-add Win8.1 OS type

-support Fn+F1/F2/Pause function.

Not much, but at least one fix that could come in handy :P

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I'm new here (as you can see) but do any of the m17x r4 BIOS updates fix the lame "plugged in, not charging" problem?

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As far as I know, the not charging problem results from irregularitieswith a parasitically powered microchip in the AC adapter. I've hadtrouble with it too, but the best solution I've 'found' to work isplugging in the adapter, waiting for the blue ring to appear, thenunplugging and plugging back in the cord to the wall, fast enough tokeep the blue light on. Then connect it to the laptop, and it seemsto work.

Dellwent to pretty exorbitant lengths to ensure that only an exact (Dell) adapter can be used for each laptop.

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    • By svl7
      Dell just released a couple of new BIOS for their most recent AW systems. Thanks @Nemesis for the big news.
      There's no change log available, so let us know how it goes and whether you notice any big differences.
      Maybe if someone could make some screenshots in case there's any visible difference...
      I attached the untouched BIOS, it can't be accessed through the official site at the moment.
      NOTE: You might not be able to easily downgrade to something older than A08 anymore.
      EDIT 2: A09 is not on the Dell site, but file is nowhere to be found. You might want to wait with updating until they release A09.
      Here's the official link: Drivers and Downloads | Dell [united States]
      M17x_R4 - BIOS A08.zip
    • By svl7
      A08 is soooo yesterday, so come and grab A9
      Dell link: Drivers and Downloads | Dell [united States]
      File is also attached since the link probably won't work for a while.
      M17x R4 - BIOS A09 -stock-.zip
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