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[M18x R2] BIOS A12 released


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Interesting that it doesn't show up on the Dell website under drivers and downloads. I have windows 8 installed and when I log into my Dell account only win 7 x64 and win 8 x64 show up and the latest bios is A11. It seems that BIOS is for win 8.1 M18X R2 only and not win 7 or win 8.

Does that mean i need to install it if I upgrade to win 8.1 but downgrade the bios back to A11 if I go back to Win 8 or 7?

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Grab it while it's hot :P

New Bios for the M18x R2 on the Dell site, mainly an updated for Win8.1 but it has one additional fix that might be useful.

Driver Details | Dell US


I don't know. This scares the daylights out of me, Brother svl7. The timing with the release of 8.1 makes me think that I smell a rat.

Do you see anything in the firmware that suggests the introduction of new feces in the name of "security" to make it Micro$oft Mafia compliant?

I look at the behavior of the 18 and ask myself "Self, do you want your M18xR2 to behave like the 18" and the answer is obvious.

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That's a really strange statement about "Product Support for Alienware M18xR2" since it is already seems to be supported without a BIOS update. I am always skeptical of this sort of thing. Maybe it supports something about Windows 8.1 that I would prefer to not have any support for. They need to be more detailed and specific about what changes are occurring so customers know whether or not they want to apply the BIOS update.


-add Win8.1 OS type

-support Fn+F1/F2/Pause function

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