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GT70 VDDC dropping after a short while.

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I have a GT70 0ND with a gtx675mx. According to gpu-z my vddc drops from 1.025V to 1.000V after about 2 minutes of gaming. If turbo is activated, it drops from 1.0370V to 1.0120V. Same thing when happens on default or overclocked. Temps are low enough ( below 65C ). Is this normal? Or is something really wrong with my laptop?



here are a two screenshots before and afterward.

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    • By wengmugmug
      I got myself a GT70 (one with 675mx and 3630QM) but the stock settings were not good enough so I tried overclocking the GPU to see if i can get better performance. Using afterburner, I get around 800mhz for the core and +650 to the memory, but I think it can go a little more temps are still fine at around 75-80C under load (CPU goes way up to around 90C ) so I wondered if there's any way to overclock the core further cuz it seems to have reached its limit for the memory.
      PS. I have no experience with flashing vbios or modding. So please keep it simple guys
    • By soad525
      I am using msi afterburner to overclock the 675mx on my ibuypower cz-17 (i am pretty sure it uses the same hardware as msi)
      When i do so GPU-z Gives me weird results.
      The results that i am getting seem like the core clock is stuck at 653mghz when it should be 800mghz. The is room in the gpu-z graph to go up when overclocking is enabled.
      i tried all the power save options to max performance. I also tried to lock voltage. No good.
      I cant flash a vbios because i cant find one (other then the one on this site that i cannot download )
      if anyone has a suggestion or a link to a download for the 4gb 675mx bios let me know.
    • By soad525
      I have noticed that my GPU clock is stock at the max default clock. I am trying to mod my bios file but no application can find settings for it.
      If anyone has a suggestion on modding or a bios file for the 675mx 4gb that is enabled for overclocking let me know.
      My computer is a ibuypower computer, so its a little different than the msi version. I am kinda down that there is little to no support on my computer hardware.
      I have my bios uploaded, if anyone wants to see if they have any luck moding it. (right now i have it being OC to +135mghz core and +750mghz mem but its locked to default by bios)
      also, i cannot download files from this forum... it would be so awesome if i could.. or have alternative file downloading options?
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