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Y580 2 Questions - Battery / Graphic

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Hi everybody!

1. Battery

Should I take out my battery when I have plugged in AC power supply ?

My laptop is always set on Lenovo dynamic graphic, and main task of it, is gaming.

2. Graphic

Sometimes when im on "desktop" screen blink once (fast blink) and then Laptop is not reading GTX660M. After blink i must restart laptop to be able for GTX660M GPU use...

Is it some kind of issue ? Or just Nvidia/Lenovo drivers are crappy and after turning off dedicaded GPU, drivers can't turn it on again ?

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1. You can, but don't have to. It might improve temps by tiny bit, but also means you won't be protected in case of power failure (or somebody tripping over your ac adapter cable).

2. I have very similar problem. I think it's a faulty GPU. In my case it started acting like that around month, maybe 2 ago, but fortunately it's not getting worse.

I do have 2 tips to minimise the problem (unless you want to have it fixed under warranty):

- In Nvidia control panel set Intel GPU as default GPU, and set NVidia GPU for games only.

- Use balanced or energy saver power scheme unless gaming.

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1. If battery will be all the time connected in, may it reduce battery life time ?

2. My trick is that I have NvidiaInspector running in background, and there's no turning off GPU.

So You say that, it's shouldn't happend ? I have this laptop about 2 month, meybe 3, and that "Blink issue" was on beggining...

Should I send laptop for a warranty ?

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1. Use "battery protection mode" in Lenovo Energy Settings. Modern batteries don't wear out that quickly when left charging. It will wear out anyway though. That's unavoidable.

2. Not much of a trick unless all you do is play games. In this case... my tip is to get a life ;) Seriously though I agree with HomeLite. Have it fixed or replaced under warranty. Mine is still under warranty, but my situation isn't that simple, so I just endure ;)

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Battery life will not be reduced if it sits inside the laptop as it will charge only when it runs lower than 95% and it won't happen quickly. Modern batteries made of lithium get worn very slowly when charged from like 80-90%. They wear quicker if discharged completetly.

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