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Lenovo Y410p / Y510p - unlocked BIOS / wlan whitelist mod / vbios mod


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I think it's called "graphics device" and to disable nvidia set it to "UMA only"

I don't know about sli, since I don't have sli model. Maybe you will need to remove ultrabay gpu first.

oh i see, thanks for your help. i tried setting it to UMA and the laptop wont continue booting up. so i think ultrabay needs to be removed to use integrated graphics

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I have a Y410P, single GPU (GT755), running Windows 8.1

I rolled back to 2.07 from 3.05 stock then flashing the modded 3.05 bios.

I then installed an Intel 7260AC WiFi card. It worked out of the box, but I installed the most recent driver anyways.

I've been running it for a week now, had some windows updates, and I've also noticed a few problem with may or may not be related to the modded bios.

1. When I put my computer to sleep (not hybrid, just default sleep), it will appear to go to sleep, then it will turn back on, I can hear the fans going, but the screen doesn't come on. When I try to "wake it up" with the keyboard, mouse, or power button the screen won't come back on. I have to hard reset to get it working again.

2. I noticed after restarting my computer the first time since installing the modded bios and a couple Windows updates, that I lost my Windows licensing. Windows would ask me to activate Windows, and would say that my key has exceeded it's use limit.

Either of these may or may not be related to the modded bios, but I don't think either of them could be from a Windows update either. I haven't tried rolling back to stock 3.05 or uninstalling Windows updates yet, but just wanted to let you know.

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Hello, SVL7. My BIOS rev is 3.07. Can you make an updated version of the modded BIOS for this version too?

I cant follow the procedure since the downgrade wont work due to version mismatch.

i backupped my BIOS and uploaded it: https://www.sendspace.com/file/kzh1j9

There is a 3.07 version? On Lenovo website is only 3.05, that I had already when I bought the laptop.

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Hey yall, so first of all I just want to thank everyone involved for making this possible! But I am having an issue with bluetooth, and would really appreciate any help!

I upgraded my bios from 1.07 to 3.05 when I did this my bluetooth got completely knocked out(it was working flawless before).....I've been researching but can't find much......my computer just says that the bluetooth device is not even there, so it never installs drivers.

I downgraded from 3.05 to 2.07 and bluetooth still doesn't work. I installed intel drivers, atheros/broadcom. I did it in every different configuration i could think of.

Would reinstalling the OS do anything? Would doing the whiltelist give me back bluetooth? I'm just not sure if this is software or hardware? Can the bios have an effect on bluetooth, I would assume so but have no idea?

Thanks in advanced for helping this poor noob : (

EDIT: I've been trying to go through the 100+ pages to find what I need but still no luck. I am now wondering if there is a version of 1.07 floating out there somewhere that I could use?

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okay so i've done everything and i check my bios is it suppose to still be 2.7?

- - - Updated - - -

nevermind i was reading wrong numbers it is the correct version. I am connecting my new killer wireless wlan card to see if it works!

Were you reading the top right rev number?

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Oke I shall do that, I was affraid because I get Unauthorized Slave VGA Card is plugged in - power off and remove it error when I put the ultrabay and the laptop doesn t boot

edit: No succes :(, I have no ideea what to do next I've tried everything , if I put the card I don t have acces to the dos commands anymore

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