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Speaker issues with M14X R1


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Hello there new to the forums,

Recently started having some problems with the speakers on my R1.

The audio started sounding like some speakers and bass was missing.

Checking the levels on my playback devices, seems that the only one working now is the front speakers.

(which when turned all the ways down turns the audio off).

As the music plays, the bass and back speakers will fade in and cut out from time to time, while the front continues to play.

When i plug it into external speakers it sounds fine as far as i can tell, but then again it sounds fine coming out of just the front speakers..

Would this problem be hardware related or is there some configuration/driver that could be causing this.


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There is a "subwoofer" that breaks if you play your speakers at high volumes... I think mine broke within a week of use. Chances are this is your problem as it was with mine.

While cheap to repair buying off of Amazon (or anywhere else).. You need to take the whole computer apart to replace it, but if you can do it easily if you are comfortable taking your laptop apart.

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Make sure you have the drivers installed correctly. If you dont have the drivers sound wont come out of the subwoofer.

i have windows 8 and sometimes no sound came from the subwoofer, after restarting it the driver "reloaded" and sounded good.

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My subwoofer does work, just that it works like a normal speaker. Isn't it normal. I have never really noticed this until it blew a few weeks ago and I had to order some replacement part from aliexpress, around 18 bucks.

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