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Overheat hp envy dv6

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I had a hp envy dv6 (3 month) and had temp like 105C (cpu) and 90C (gpu).

Was it a problem with my laptop or is it "normal" cause it's an hp? :59:

Sorry for my poor english

I also notice that hp said my gpu is a 635m gt but it's a 630m gt rebrand...

Thanks HP...

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I used HP Envy DV6 and I had temps in ~90 C range if I remember correctly. This has to be, by far, the worst laptop I've ever used. I had dual core CPU (slower version) with GT 650M graphics.

Obviously HP is not always like that (and neither is Dell, Lenovo, etc.) since each company makes a bunch of different laptops, each of which uses a different design and different components. Imprinting the company logo on the laptop doesn't make the temps go to 90+ C. (As hard as it is for some people to accept that. :P ) On the other hand, selecting a cheapest consumer-class laptop from any company will correlate highly with it having some of the worst components made in the history of mankind (here I am mainly refering to the screen on DV6T). Also, DV6t is not really ENVY envy. It's the relabelled Pavillion line, which is like Dell Inspiron.

Like my friend who also bought DV6t, you also fell for HP's marketing trick into thinking you're actually buying something from their original ENVY line. Sorry! :)

In short, it is this particular model (or rather a line which is HP Pavillion) that is complete garbage I'd say even compared to Lenovo IdeaPads which are not nearly as shitty. Also in case you were wondering, I disassembled that laptop completely (it took me 3 hours) and almost broke the keyboard in half because it was literally glued to the frame (I was installing mSATA SSD). In the end I decided not to make a review for this laptop, because it would be me literally bickering all the time. :D

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I own an Elitebook 6930p and I love this tank of notebook. The robustness (still not a Toughbook though)of this of this notebook really convinced me, but the fan almost made me crazy. It wasn't loud, but it was constantly running, pumping hot air out of the notebook. At some point I decided to do a CPU repaste and clean the interior from dust. While there was hardly any dust, the new thermal paste proved to be a success. The fan hardly even spins faster than what I believe to be the minimum rpm.

Some time later I repeated the same story with a Elitebook 8440p.

So I guess cooling is a HP topic not only with consumer/small business grade Notebooks.

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I also own this laptop (with the i7-3610QM and gt 650M) and can confirm that it gets very hot.

For gaming I have to disable turbo boost to prevent CPU temperatures from getting too high. Fortunately there's not much of an impact on framerates, but it is annoying.

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Hmm.... I have a HP Envy i7 and gforce 740M. I dont do much of gaming but once I had to crack a rar password, but a run various virtual Machines on this baby.

And I have to say its holding up very well, the only issue I had to deal with was too much hard disk thrashing, so moved the VMs to the original HDD and moved Windows to SSD. The main thing one has to understand is that these laptops arent design for sustained high performance due to sleek build minimizing cooling capacity. So best not to expect too much. During the once occasion I utilised CPU for sustained periods was when cracking RARs at which point temp rose to ~90C beyond which I do not allow further exhaustion (due to the unjustified fear that I might have to reball the GPU). So to assist the cooling, prop up the laptop and tall tumblers and attach cooling fans to the base and leave it churning at the password overnight. :D so in summary, do push too hard!

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