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Clevo P151SM mod for backlit keyboard possible?

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From my point of view P151SM suits my needs better than P150SM or P157SM, because is cheaper and right now I don't need a powerful MXM graphics.

The only issue I have with this model would be related with the missing backlit keyboard.

Would be possible to swap the non lit original keyboard and install an illuminated keyboard from the P150SM model?

Also, as a last question, I see the powerbrick for P151SM can provide up to 120W. Is this swapable with the one from P150SM which should provide 180W?


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Everything is possible, if you are able to changes some components (keyboard, top case, both led board, keyboard connectors and resistors on mobo). I do not know if EC crossflash to P150/170 will not be required.

I use both keyboards (in HM and SM) and older is better. :)

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      I have a p150sm which has a seemingly dead 780m due to a perpetual error 43 which came after a big BSOD about 6 months ago. I upgraded the laptop to a 980m and modded the inf files. The upgrade was perfectly fine for a week. One day, i left the laptop and something related to sleep or power may have caused the laptop to shut off. Since then, the laptop with the 980m won't boot. I tried many things like resetting cmos, taking out the hardware and putting it back in, and resetting bios, and buying a 230W adapter. Nothing worked. The laptop works fine with the old dead 780m in there, but now when the 980m is in there, holding the power button generates a green light flash and then the power LED goes back to orange. No sounds, maybe one tick, and that's it. What is left to try?
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      I fiddled around with modding my laptops BIOS to unlock XMP profiles and hopefully seeing if optimus could be disabled. After flashing my modded bios and trying it out, I noticed that my keyboards backlight no longer turns on. I was unaware it requires an official BIOS to function. They backlights wont turn on unless ASUS ATK package is installed but now it seems it also needs an official BIOS?
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      Привет. Помогите, мне грустно.
      Существует clevo p150em, недавно обновленный с 7970 до 8970 м (от 150 см)
      Bios, R.2.0 / 1.02.17EC v3b / 1.02.11EC.
      Когда он был установлен 7970 м, в BIOS на линии gpu это было 7970 м. После установки 8970m, NVIDIA пишет вместо 8970m.
      Драйверы на 8970m не установлены, либо синий экран, либо ноутбук замерзает. Windows 10 1713.
      Я пробовал разные версии драйверов, все равно. Что вы посоветуете?
      8970m vbios  VER015. BR44964.009 it s DELL? 
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      Hello Everyone!
      I am lucky owner of best!  Clevo P150sm model. I buy them witchout gpu and mount my Nvidia GTX 880m 8gb mxm card, but I have a little problem :-(
      My spec:
      P150sm - Win 10 64-bit
      8gb ddr3 1866mhz
      Prema Bios (v2 for P150sm)
      ssd m-sata
      I am flashed GPU to unlocked vBios - 80.04.F8.001D
      In BIOS gpu detect at ,,NV GTX880m,, but in system (Device Manager) says: Microsoft Basic Display Adapter (witch yellow warning triangle)
      I'm downloaded new drivers for Nvidia website (376.33 - win10 64-bit) but I have these message: Nvidia Installer cannot continue ........
      I'm reading about DEVICE ID, so I am apply these instruction:
      My device ID show:
      So, In nvciv.inf i have:
      %NVIDIA_DEV.1198.0377.1558% = Section030, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1198&SUBSYS_03771558
      %NVIDIA_DEV.1198.5281.1558% = Section032, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1198&SUBSYS_52811558
      so, I add these lines:
      %NVIDIA_DEV.1198.0377.1558% = Section030, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1198&SUBSYS_03771558
      %NVIDIA_DEV.1198.5106.1558% = Section031, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1198&SUBSYS_51061558
      %NVIDIA_DEV.1198.5281.1558% = Section032, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1198&SUBSYS_52811558
      NVIDIA_DEV.1198.5106.1558 = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M"
      But I still has a error message and can't instal any drivers :-(
      Please, someone, help me! (sorry for my English)
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