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Alienware 18 screen on m18x r2, let's answer this definitively.

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There are many places that talk about the idea of using the 2013 Alienware 18 screen panel or screen assembly on the previous m18x r1 & r2.

What I would like to find out, definitively, is could this panel be transplanted into the older generation which honestly isn't the best quality.

Alienware 18 has a PLS based screen made by Samsung, which will have all around a better picture as compared to most TN based panels (especially the one found in the m18x).

What needs to be discovered:

- Alienware 18 screen connector (after this has been answered we can continue to the next set of questions)

Is it LVDS 40 pin? Something else?

Next up:

- Alienware 18 screen assembly dimensions and construction

Is it possible to just use the entire 18 screen assembly?



This should just about cover what we would need to then allow me, or someone else, to proceed with actual testing.

Everyone's help would greatly be appreciated!

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