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So lets say I have buyers remorse

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And I've realized that I should of gone all out and ordered a 3D display just because I'm silly and I want the extra toy.

I have more then enough experience to tear down my laptop and rebuild it. However I know crap about 3D screens.

Can I order a 3D screen and just install it without a problem, or is there some sort of additional hardware, ports or whatever that I will be missing and will stop me from being able to make this addition.

To my knowledge if the 3D display is the same as the 2D setup, I should be able to just disconnect my old screen, drop in a 3D screen and put it all back together.

But I know nothing about 3D displays and so before I complicate things, lose money, and pull my hair out.

Is it possible for me to just switch the screens? is there additional connectors or anything that I have not seen before, that I will run into?

I have an M17xR4 with the 7970 and the 1080P display.

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I see there are 3D displays which they claim to be compatible for the M17x R4 on eBay. I'm guessing they'll work. But I also understand the clear plexi panel doesn't easily come off, so there's a risk of breakage.

I understand the toy factor, but IMO 3D doesn't really add a lot of value

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Well the 3d screen was an optional extra when i was ordering my m17x, and apparently that choice is gone now. I was intending on ordering the oem 3d screen that was built for this model. So i know the screen is available, it has to be.

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I had 3d screen on my M17X R3 and i totally hated it. Fun for day or two, but then you wish you never had it. In my case because of 3d screen there was no integrated GPU (disabled) and it was running all the time on 580M GTX card. That means that i got 1:30min to 2 hours of battery time, when users without 3d screen got 4 hours. Its not worth it, trust me, its fun in first place then you just never use it again.

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I just purchased a Alienware 17, I use to own a M17X R4. This time around, I decdied to go with a 17.3" 120Hz WLED FHD (1920 x 1080) TrueLife Display w/3D Bundle for several reasons:

a) The standard screen was a 1920 x 1080 Anti-Glare (I dont like matte, I prefer glossy)

B) I did allot of research and most people say that even in 2D gaming a 120hz display does make a noticeable difference if your GPU can push over 60 FPS+

c) The upgrade in screens only cost me +$150 which I think is worth having the extra visual edge, plus having the option of 3D gaming is nice as well.

d) Also, with Optimus technology, I dont see how having a 120hz 3D capable LCD panel would drain more battery if you aren't gaming...

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