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MSI GT60-ONE with Nvidia GTX780M


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I know there is a new version of MSI GT60 3k edition but will the current MSI GT60-One edition can be upgraded with the new GTX780M plus with its new heatsink design? Hoping to hear from you NB Guru's.. Thanks

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I installed a 780M into my 16F3, without issue.

However, there seemed to be some form of incompatibility with the 30R BIOS; it was extremely unstable with the 780M. I had to roll back to 30P.

The odd thing is that the same BIOS had not problems with the 680M I had before getting the 780M.

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My 780M came with " (P2053-0001)".

It was sold as an Alienware 780M.

That's just eurocom telling lies as usual, while the board is most likely identical to the Dell one your card is not a Dell card, you won't see that vbios on any card coming from Dell.

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I asked a tech person who does bios mod especially to add a new gpu id of nvidia gtx7xxm on msi-gt60. And this is his reply

i can't change/add support for new GPUs, there is many different problems that can arise,

include power consumption or temp related.

ie: if a new card can't work on your NB, i can't help with this

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