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Windows 8 and the Y500 -Your opinions please folks!


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@octiceps well you might have stepped on a mine there. Command line is used extensively in Windows server and all unix-like systems. Unless you were referring to normal users only, then I agree.

Also... be careful, because you're slowly lowering to Florin's level of discussion...

@Florin you are aware than for the last few posts the only thing you do is calling others "inexperienced", saying we know nothing compared to you and trying to undermine everybody else's image instead of providing ANY arguments? Even your attempt to provide argument about TRIM and pre-fetch has hit a wall of your lack of knowledge by writing "in win8 it works differently".

Also, you are wrong when you say "Microsoft Software Engineer" means you have a certain knowledge but are not affiliated with M$. There are many certificates from M$, and the only ones related to Software Development are MTA and MCSD. Please do not use this term, as now you're just making every actual M$ software engineer look silly.

Are you familiar with the term "trolling"? I get the feeling that is your sole purpose of posting here. It's not even about being biased about Win8... Anyway, this topic is heading in a wrong direction as it slowly drifts away from the topic of Win8... Any mods here?

The SuperFetch argument was taken out from an Intel help file regarding their SSD (I suppose they hit the wall, right?). Software Engineer doesn't mean Software Development, you are making a confusion. Virtualization it's not exactly software development, more like converting or reverse engineering, in Windows 8 virtualized apps are increasing in number. That's all there is to say. Anyway it would be good for the two of you to read more instead of bash everything people say, your lack of knowledge makes your posts a little childish, to say the least.

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Well, you don't try at all to make it clear who you actually are or what you do, while using this as an argument, that 'you know better'. That is not an argument per se. There are 3 problems with it:

1. You cannot claim you know more or less about a given topic based on who you are as long as you don't know who are you talking to. The only way is to provide arguments related directly to the topic.

2. You cannot prove it's true. I might say I'm the Pope, and you have no way of denying it. Internet baby!

3. Doesn't mean you're right regarding every topic connected with (in this case) Windows, as you don't know everything about it.

The problem with this argument is not where did you take the information from, but that it's not really an argument. By saying something works differently does not imply it's better or not. You're going on and on how Windows 8 is great 'under the hood' and while I'm not denying it, you have failed to provide ONE consistent and complete argument. It's not like it matters anyway, because it's the UI that most people cannot get over. As they say: "The chain is as strong as it's weakest link".

What you're trying to do is as if you'd be trying to sell a pink car with modern, V8 engine that produces 500bhp and that is fuel efficient, while I have my 4 year old, 400bhp V6, black car. I say I want the new car to be black, and you say it has to be pink, but "just look at this awesome engine"... see?

it's funny how you answer only the parts of the post, that are the easiest for you to reply to and skip the rest, or how each time you say "this is the last time I write in this topic" and you never stop. And it is me and octiceps who are childish right? I don't care if you'll have the last word. I also can't get through to you so I'll just stop. There's not much point in arguing on the internet anyway....

MOD EDIT (last section removed).

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First of all, Windows 8.1 adds a few features that make life easier. Secondly, once you get used to the new Windows 8 stuff and customize the start screen the way you like I don't see any real reason to complain. Sure it's still more cumbersome to have the start screen but it certainly isn't the end of the world. Just treat it like the big clumsy start menu that it is and you'll be fine.

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I heard that windows 8 has a lower OS footprint than win 7. Has anybody seen an expert article about that ?

for the moment I couldn't adapt myself to tablet-oriented GUI and was afraid about my apps compatibility so I reinstalled everything on Win 7 + msata cruciaal m500 and it's working like a charm

I was worth the trouble I believe. going to wait for Win 8.2 LOL :)

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I did look around on the internet and it seems you're right. It's not a huge difference, but still for a newer system to have even the same footprint is an achievement. Weird thing is that Win8 has higher hardware requirements even though it doesn't actually require more resources... probably they want to make sure the experience is the same across different hardware.

Well, this way or another I won't upgrade to Windows 8 as long as I don't have to

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Windows 8 is not that bad, i can life with the it. But when i heard that windows 8.1 include some startmenu and some better updates i dont think its necessary to go back to windows 7.

Im using Windows 8 with start8 and a 128 Curcial M4 SSD.


Sorry for some miss info.


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Windows 8 is not that bad, i can life with the it. But when i heard that windows 8.1 include some startmenu and some better updates i dont think its necessary to go back to windows 7.

Im using Windows 8 with start8 and a 128 Curcial M4 SSD.

The Start Menu is not coming back in 8.1. All Microsoft did was add a Start Button, which is simply a permanent button in place of the floating one in the bottom right corner, which has the same function as before and takes you to the Metro Start Screen.

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Just thought I'd share this site update from TweakGuides.com owner Koroush Ghazi which was posted on his front page today. His website has been a great resource for tweaking, optimization, and troubleshooting of both PC games and Windows operating systems for many years and has been huge boon to the PC gaming community as a whole.

Over the last few days I've been quite busy installing and exploring the Windows 8.1 RTM ISO that was recently leaked. I don't normally condone the use of leaked software, but in this case, given it's ultimately a free upgrade, and the fact that I need to get across the changes as soon as possible so I can update the TweakGuides Tweaking Companion for Windows 8, I thought it justified.

My impression of Windows 8.1 can be summed up in two words: extremely disappointing. The march towards tabletizing a Desktop OS continues, as Windows 8.1 hides or completely removes several potentially useful Desktop features, while gussying up the Metro interface. If you're also not vigilant during installation, you will automatically be opted into using Bing ad-driven searches, SkyDrive integration and a Microsoft Account. The only unambiguously positive changes are the addition of options to boot straight to Desktop, and disable the hot corners, neatly hidden away under the Taskbar Properties>Navigation tab I might add. Fortunately, workarounds exist for some of the changes, and of course Start Menu replacement utilities, along with other Windows 8 customization tools, will provide further options.

I don't normally like to post opinions, especially negative ones, on the front page. In this case, I can't resist, as this bastardization of Windows makes me quite angry. Having used every version of Microsoft's operating systems since 1988 (MS-DOS 5.0), this is the first time I truly believe that Microsoft has lost its way. To put it bluntly, Windows 8.1 is a mish-mash of interfaces, and in some cases borderline deceptive options, mainly to serve Microsoft's dubious ambitions in the mobile device arena, rather than consumers and businesses. It will only serve to further confuse and alienate the average PC user, and hasten the PC's demise. I've used Windows 8 as my daily OS since the Preview back in June 2012, and I can honestly say it seems like one step forward, four steps back when compared to Windows 7.

In any case, I am currently detailing all of the changes and attempting to provide revised best practice usage recommendations in an update to the TweakGuides Tweaking Companion for Windows 8. I will release the updated version shortly after the official release of Windows 8.1.

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So, Lenovo and Acer just inked deals with Pokki. I think it's very telling that some OEM's are taking matters into their own hands and integrating third-party Start Menu replacements into their new Windows 8 PC's. Some Y510p owners have already received their new machines with Pokki preinstalled.

At the end of the day, if Microsoft's gamble with Windows 8 causes its hardware partners to lose sales and impacts their bottom line, they'll do things like this and more.

Lenovo, Pokki Deal Brings Start Menu to Windows 8 PCs | News & Opinion | PCMag.com

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Windows 8 boots faster, because it doesn't really shut down... It just hibernates the kernel instead of shutting everything down. My Y580 with Windows 7 on SSD starts slower than my friends laptop with similar specs, but W8 and 5400 HDD. This is pretty impressive and generally works, but some people have issues with this.

If you don't shut down Windows 8 properly it will start longer, but I do not know if it's going to be faster or slower than W7.

Installing a SSD will improve boot times on both, but I'm wondering if hybrid boot doesn't wear out SSD a little bit... or maybe it's turned off when you use SSD? Not sure about this.

Netflix is not available everywhere, so it's not a general advantage. Also, in some places streaming is not a good idea because of data limits (yeah, we're still in medieval ages when it comes to internet in Oz)

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I have heard soo much about Win8 being one big pile of s**** (from gaming buddies) and how windows 7 is sooo much better??

(personally i think that after XP they have basically been refining a forensics tool capable of tracking your every move lol)

So, how does Win8 fair on the Y500 in your experience??

is the first thing to do, is format and do a fresh clean install of Win7? i have never used 8 so cannot comment..

My Y500 sli comes tomorrow and before i ''move in'' i'm wondering whether to start from scratch and

1) Upgrade the bios to v 2.02 and Mod

2) Pull the HDD and install Win7 on msata

3) Format the slow 1tb drive for storage..

What are peoples thoughts on this?? Any << useful lol ><useful lol="">> comments greatly appreciated :) </useful>

As others have said...give it a try and make a decision for yourself. I despised Windows 8 when it first came out as many others did. Now, however, I have to admit that it is starting to grow on me. If I recall from the days of old (at least for me) there was were some dissatisfied users when Microsoft first introduced the Start Button. Some people are more open to change than others.

I purchased a Y500 a little less than a month ago (GT750M) and swapped out the 1TB drive for the Corsair Neutron 256GB and holy cow! The SSD paired with the i7 3630QM makes the machine fairly beastly.

My final words: Give Windows 8 an honest go, install an SSD, and (depending on your situation/preference) use the factory installed drive as an external.

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I don't have the y500 but I do have the y410p. I didn't even boot it to Windows 8 and just immediately installed Windows 7. I've played around with the preview of Windows 8 on VMWare and it just was not good, and I knew on a laptop without a touchscreen it just wouldn't be fun. The whole experience just feels like Microsoft is trying to fix a problem that doesn't really exist anymore, and by doing so they created a "Facebook OS" which really isn't for power users. I can see people liking it, but it really just seems to exist to force developers to consider putting out programs out for Microsoft's tablets, phones, Xbox, as well as desktops, kind of like what Apple does in that each device of theirs has a more unified experience.

That's not to say Windows 8 does have its advantages like faster boot-up (without SSD's) and lower RAM footprint, but I don't really think they are worth it to power users that want to do more than look at social networks all day.

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i actually use the y580 but i installed windows 8 on it to give it a try and at first i was not a fan of it but once i started getting used to the start menu and small things here and there like that it isn't too bad.

I'm actually starting to like the app menu now cause its easy to just swipe my mouse pad and if i know where it is at i can just click on it.

I recommend it but it take a while to get used to it.

I still prefer XP personally but if i could have speed and clean look of windows 8 and 7 on XP it would be perfect. especially when they got rid of IPX :(

But widows 8 is really good with game compatibility. I've played a good share in the last 9 months i have had it like this and have yet to run into a compatibility problem with all my new and super old games (AoE1-3, Starcraft 1 & 2, Diablo 2 & 3, Guild Wars, etc. )

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Replacing the harddrive is pretty much a must. Even if W8 is rly good, even great in the sence that it uses the ram very efficently, the harddrive is way to slow to get some actual work done :/

Replace the harddrive with preferably an SSD and give W8 a try :) With the 8.1 update coming out its most definietly the best operating system (Of all the windows versions at least ;) )

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windows 8 memory leak is bad.

windows 8 removes many tools power users/techs use.

windows 8 removes the great start menu that was introduced in Vista > win 7

disabling UAC is a PITA and certain programs will not work with it off (metro apps)


Win 7 for me

and this is all first hand info not something read on a blog

I actually have win8 on my desktop as my daily since b4 it came out.

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