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CLEVO P750ZM Upgrade GPU GTX980 to GTX1070


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Good day to everyone.
The preface.
In the native GTX980, the supply circuits burned out and because of this, there was a desire to upgrade to GTX1070 and change the matrix to LTN156FL02, since 1070 does not work with LVDS.
By default, the motherboard assumes a variety of interfaces for working with the LVDS and eDP matrix.
In my case, the LVDS was soldered, and for eDP, the connector and the missing circuit elements from the MXM interface had to be soldered.
The launch was completed, but Windows identified the card as Generic with appropriate limitations in operation.
When switching to NVIDIA drivers, when Windows boots, the image on the laptop screen is lost, since Windows does not see this monitor, and performance remains only on external DP and HDMI.
The BIOS is set to 1.03.15 with an added block for NVMe.

ME FW Version

KBC/EC Firmware Revision 1.03.09

VBIOS Revision

Could the BIOS be to blame in this case?

Now I'm looking for problems in the BIOS, but I'm confused by the fact that the firmware on the manufacturer's website did not differ for my mother model coming with a variety of LVDS and eDP interfaces, they have the same modification.
In the BIOS, via amibcp, I saw that in the LCD Control section, the Active LFP parameter was already initially set by default to eDP Port-A, although in the settings there is an option to select LVDS and eDP Port-D.

Dear experts, help me find a solution, I am grateful in advance.


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