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G73 SW VBIOS FOR Nvidia GTX 680M

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Hello, I am new member. I was wondering if anyone tried to upgrade the video card on their ASUS G73SW to GTX 680M? Is there any working VBIOS I can download? I recently bought an GTX 680M videocard and I am looking for the VBIOS.



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sw model has a built in chip, you can't upgrade. You can return it.

Wrong. All G73.. (jh,jw,sw) have MXM 3.0b slot but later two coming with nvidia cards. I planing to try and upgrade my g73sw to gtx 680m but they are still bit expencive. Can I ask how much you paid for your 680m? As for vbios dont flash any other before you try card first it my work as well. I think you can brick your card if you try to flash dell vbios and have clevo 680m or other way around so be careful with that. Anyway I believe you would be first one to try upgrade sw model.

PS. Good luck :)

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hi there if you're going for the upgrade please let me know too, i was thinking into upgrade mine g73sw with an gtx660m (JW worked see Conkers and svl7 post).

Post any news (good or bad) about your upgrade "trial" >D

Anyways keep the good work man ?D

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I just ordered gtx 680m for my g73sw. Will update after I recieve it and try upgrade.

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It did for svl7 but that other guy didnt managed to get it working. But If you want performance boos then try 680m instead of 660m :).


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    • By rummenagu
      Hi all,
      I want upgrade my GPU but I have doubts about wath to get:
      FIREPRO M6100 --> 150EUR
      GTX 680M --> 250EUR
      I think that the best choice is the GTX680M but the price is more expensive but I don´t know if the performance&compatibility difference between them worth it.
      ALIENWARE M15x
      8GB RAM
      Thank you.
    • By zabbazibba
      Not sure whats holding me back. Maybe I need an unlocked bios flash. old card was a GTX 680m 4GB. New Card is an GTX 880m 8gb. The card fits, shows up in device manager originally as a microsoft  generic adapter. After modding inf in the nvmii.inf file I was able to get past the compatibility scan, however the driver fails to install and now the card is shown as an unknown device. Im sure its BIOS, but Im not sure what Bios to grab. I downloaded the latest bios from MSI and flashed. No problems there. im currently on E16F3IMS.50X. tried modding and older driver from nvidia, but the same problem occurs. passes scan, fails the driver install. doing it manually by pointing to the inf fails too with different errors each time. At my whits end, please point me in the right direction. 
      MSI GT60 0NE 403us
      3rd gen ivy bridge 3630qm
    • By cclecle2000
      I am trying to do the "Ultimate" G73jh upgrade and I have power related issues.
      So I have the most "basic" G73jh, with i5-430m and 5870m.
      This version is the one with the brown MB, with only 2 memory slots.
      What I did:
      - Opening the whole laptop
      - Swapping 5970m to 7970m
      - Blind-Flashing 7970m vBios
      - It boot ! But GPU/RAM frequency stay at 450/300 maximum, because of my 120W PSU I think (throttle), So I ordered a 240W One
      - Swapping i5-430m to i7-920XM
      - It boot but I almost didnt use it because I was affraid of my weak PSU (dont want to burn it !)
      Then I received my new PSU, from ebay  ( http://www.ebay.fr/itm/201638674476).
      And... Nothing change !! My 7970m is stil throttling. And I cant OC the 920XM, if I go over 70W TDP, the G73 instent shutdown :-/.
      I need your help to be sure Its a PSU related issue, and not something else, like my mobo etc. I dont want to buy a 100+€ PSU if this is not the problem.
      As my G73 is still out of his case, I manage to solder the PSU wire directly on the MB, and then I measured voltage during full load (prime95).
      IDLE 19,4-19,5V     LOADED: 19,3-19,4V
      Not that bad !
      I am very confused because the PSU seams to work. I have no oscilloscope to watch the signal in real-time...
      For sure it is not a real DELL but if voltage is not droping, whats wrong ?
      Its very frustrating to know that everything work but can't be "feeded" with Amps !
      Any ideas ?
      EDIT: All temps are OK ! Furmark : 58° GPU... (because of the low Freq :-/ )
      EDIT2: new info: I tried on battery, It is the same, is it a common behavioor ? (My battery is almost dead, only 30% capacity)
      EDIT3: Do you know if the "metalic" part of the case (under the keyboard) have somthing to do with the power delivery in the mobo ?
      EDIT4: I reassemble the laptop, so no, the metal plane have nothing to do with ground...
    • By Bizeek
      Disclaimer: Apologies for long post.
      Hello everyone(active),
      I have a possible huge problem with my GT70 MS-17621 ver 1.0 motherboard as I believe the GTX 680M videocard has fried the onboard video circuit of the motherboard(mobo).
      The mobo did work fine before after taking out thr videocard, but came with problem of the fan blowing 100% after few seconds starting up from power button press. 
      After trying to get the videocard to work/post (without consulting any forums,at the time), I tried to make the card work again by installing back in 5 or more times in span of 1 hour. 
      After fifth time install card back in, then take out the card, the system will not ever post anymore, the power LED will not change from white to orange anymore and nothing will post on screen display.
      I have tried to do blind flash of unlocked bios method but spamming pressing keys Ctrl+Home, (Ctrl+FN+PageUp)(even Shift variation) to no avail in beeps or changes in status.
      I believe now the issue has resided to hardware IC chip failure on the motherboard since it will not ever post anymore, with or without the videocard installed.
      what I am afraid now is to install new(used) videocard MSI GTX770M 3GB card in, and the motherboard could also fry up the new videocard also.
      I have dealt with a non-working GT70 laptop for this past month now and been reading all threads in this MSI category for solution but it seems no one has come across this problem, from dead videocard also make the mobo die along with it after a couple of more tests for any signs of electronic life.
      If someone can chime in about which area on the motherboard can be the problem, I would like to try and diagnosis+troubleshoot why this is happening.
      So, basically signs of life from MS-17621 motherboard are:
      Pressing Turbo, Fan, Backlight, Monitor buttons on trim panel = lights up/or fades out
      keyboard backlight lights up all white after pressing backlight button,
      pressing second time and third time turns off backlight sections and off.
      battery charging still works for good battery, battery light lights up when 180w ACadapter is plugged in.
      After about 30-45 seconds without pressing turbofan button, the fan kicks into high RPM mode and when pressing Turbo button after, the fan will not change speed and stay on high.
      Power button LED will remain white and never change to orange.
      No error code beeps ever come out of speakers since problem happened, and will not beep for blindflash attempt.
      I truly need the help, just knowing I bought this laptop back in December 2012 for $2,300 makes me feel this GT70 needs CPR rescue to come back to life, either by a certified gaming laptop technician or by MSI support, it has worked very well up till this past month.
    • By Naughty Jothi
      Hi, I have a problem, my display driver contentiously stop responding only when i play games. My card is GTX 680M 4GB (Clevo). I tried the OV version avalable here and flashed it however it did not fix my issue.
      Many solution online suggest increase in voltage to fix this issue, however, I noticed that the OC bios here has the default voltage set. Hence i would like to ask if anyone could bump up the voltage for this card or unlock the voltage control for this card and post a bios? I have tried to do it myself using NiBiTor, but it does not recognize the bios (No gtx 680m option). Any help?
      Solutions i tried:
      - Not caused by overheating (Did check, sometimes would stop responding at average temps of 77 other higher)
      - Increase delay time in Registry
      - Set power management in Nvidia panel to preferred performance
      - Use High Performance power option (Always set here with power supply in)
      - Clean out GPU & applied thermal paste
      - Applied all windows updates (Running on latest Bios & EC too)
      - Tried Nvidia GPU driver from manufacturer (If clean install games wont start, if normal install, games run on integrated graphics no matter my selection or immediatly stop reponding on styart)
      - Running latest Nvdia drivers (Did clean install too)
      - Fresh install of windows
      So yea as you can see, I have tried many solution but none worked so i am left with increasing the voltage but its lock on the bios as well as the OC bios available on this forum. Any help? Attached is my stock vbios.
      Origianl vbios GTX 680m.zip
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