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G75VW BBK5 or 3D?


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Hi there, I am currently looking at both models of the G75VW... the specs for both are almost the same, but one has 3D and the other doesn't, and the 3D version has the nvidia 670m with 3GB and the 660m has 2GB. My question is, is this difference that big for 500 extra dolars? Is the 670m actually that better with 3Gb than the 660m with to 2GB?

PD: I'm very new to this and any technical errors should be ignored!


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To be honest, none of those cards are capable of pushing games in high setting and stereoscopic 3D enabled in a FPS rate of around 60. Of course you can also use the 3D to watch movies which is more than incredible and while gaming accept a framerate lower than 60 (in 3D). The point is, if you want to game like a freak in 3D with super high detail and ultimate framerate, you would not... If you are a regular gamer, who won't get whimsy with all those technical crap and just say 'if this is playable then I'm happy', go for either of them. Bare in mind that 660m OCs like hell (overpassing 670m) and 670m can not be pushed that much, since it is fermi and it gets hot.

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I donno, Crysis3 give the 660m a real work out. One of the reasons I found this site... looking to do some tweaking.

BBk5. I own it and it pushes game quite fine. The hardware in the 3d edition isn't powerful enough to push any good game 3d.
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I donno, Crysis3 give the 660m a real work out. One of the reasons I found this site... looking to do some tweaking.

You can do quite a bit with the 660m. I have seen that the average safe clock is 1000/3000 on it.

Mind you the 670m can also overclock and then surpass the 660m. The issue with the 670m is that it is not really adequate to play 3d games at the settings most enthusiasts require even after allowing the overclock.

My 660m reaches a score of 3370 on 3dMark11 on stock cooling from around 2550 stock and according to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670M - NotebookCheck.net Tech that a stock 670m hits around ~3022 and an overclocked 670m hits at around 3700~3900.

Due to the high OC performance and cost of the 660m and that the 670m will never adequately play 3d games I decided to grab the 660m model. As a Side note during my daily driver clocks of 1200/3125 (I have an 81% asci GTX 660m 'Not the sole determinant of higher overclocks, but can be a great indicator', wafer selection is found to play more of a role).

At the time of purchase, the G75 with the 660m just matched my budget perfect and allows me to play most of my games at max settings. Mind you, your choice of games may also deter you from a MID-GRADE card. Or like me, your budget may determine your final choice.

Thank you,


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