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Lenovo Y400 / Y500 - unlocked BIOS / wlan whitelist mod


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@svl7 i forgot my bios password and i managed to upgrade my bios to successfully based on your topic and files but I still can't enable virtualization and still ask me for system password when i try to access bios my laptop is Y500 any help to enable virtualization or change nvars I tried to learn but it will take me more time and i will not manage to get trained to linux preparing for new job and course :(

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I will be trying this soon. I also had the misfortune of using the battery gauge recalibration software before becoming aware of it's potential for ultimate doom. I am hoping re-flashing the BIOS will fix whatever bug is preventing the motherboard from registering a plugged in power cable, without resetting everything over and over lol...

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Hello everyone,

I'm new here in the forum and i don't speak english 100%, but i'll try.

I have a Lenovo Ideapad y500 gor about a year and i've been living a nightmare with it.

I found out the links to this modded Bios, but i'm not sure if i would be able to chance the wireless card after mod my bios... is that correct?

Still can't download the files, (i read the forum rules about it), but i don't know what to do anymore. I just can't work with this fantastic "Lenovo Offline Gamer Laptop" from hell.

I'm considering bring this peace of crap to the firing range and solve the problem there.:52_002::choler:

Thx in advance and sorry bout anything.

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Sorry for not readet the complet thread.

when i do the bios update to unlock the 650m do i get back the sli problems the lenovo solved whit the gpu bios update in marc 2014?

or is the bios für the gpu up to date here?

thanks for the ansers

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Simple question here.

Do I need to flash NVIDIA GeForce GT750M Second VGA BIOS Update for Windows 8.1 (64-bit) - IdeaPad Y400, Y500 after flashing this modded bios ?

Planning to go SLi after flashed the modded bios.

Yes, you'll have to flash ultrabay card just as well.

Also if you're planning to overclock cards - be warned that there's no modded BIOS for ultrabay card, so SLI will not work on windows 8.1.

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dumb question but where do you find the updated stock bios? i am running 1.04 and i really would like to get on the latest version.

You just get it off the Lenovo website where you find the available software for your model.

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I have an Lenovo y500 with 2.00 Rev 3.4. It is a German Notebook and I have an SSD installed.

I have buy an new Wireless Card ( Intel 7260 ), but they didn't run.

Can I install this Bios on my Lenovo or not?

Thank you in advance.

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