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GTX 675m SLI vs Radeon 6990m Crossfire?


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Title says it all. i have in front of me a set of 675m's and 6990m's. which would perform better in terms of speed and reliability? don't really care about battery power since i use my laptop on ac power all the time. yes i know the 675m's are rebadged 580m's, got them as cheap as chips so thought they would be of some use in the future.

i have an m18x r2!

any help appreciated :)

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I also have a 6990 CF setup and would also recommend you join the green team.

I have had many issues trying to setup games to not have framerate issues. Currently I can't play Aliens: Colonial Marines without the games frame rates dropping when you shoot.

To save your hair go green :)

I am going to upgrade to the Clevo 680 soon

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I have a 675m SLI setup and can honestly say I have no complaints haha. I have played many games and have found nothing to trip these up at all.

I would guess that they may generate a little more heat then a 6990m cf setup due to the higher clockrate but nothing alarming.

If you were considering overclocking I know my 675's overclock fairly well but never had the chance to play with Radeon cards but ive herd there similar to the processors meaning they overclock with ease.

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