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M15x w/ 7970 + 920XM Throttlestop issues


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For anyone still following this post. If you upgrade to a 240W and remove the center pin, or buy an adapter and remove the adapter's center pin this will fix your 920xm + 7970m throtle issues. You can even overclock the CPU and it will work like a charm. I am still experiencing thermal shutdowns. Any suggestions?

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In my Alien I have 740qm + 7970m and i must reflash vbios GPU to 1.0V

When I use card with oryginal vbios and start BF4 i always have 85-86 degrees and auto shut down.

Now I play BF4 with 1.0V with medium details, 1080p and I have 50-60 fps and no more 70-72 degrees.

I bought processor 920xm, and I really did not see much of a difference in speed.
The temperature rose to (+10) a height of close to 80-85 degrees, and decided to come back to the 740QM.
In my opinion much better to buy the same 45W TDP 840qm or if we already have a higher temperature is 940xm.
I work on the power supply 240W with the center pin.

BIOS see that power adapter and work properly.

I have also cable with the cut a central pin (reducer) and use it do for me does not change.
When I use the adapter, BIOS does not see how the power supply is plugged in and that's it.

I am checking whether there is a difference with supply from the pin, and without it, both the 920 and 740, and all the tests came out the same.




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I know this thread is super old, but I still have this laptop and after all these years I finally found what I like to call a final solution...

This solution for this laptop that hasn't given me any problems and keeps my 920xm very happy without throtting. 

My old 7970 before had all the throttling issues, vs my 965m that has 0 issues, works on the stock psu and games much much better than the 7970.  I have now tried about 6 different GPUs in my machine and anything above 80 or 90w tdp lead me to throtting under combined (cpu+gpu load) 




I also built a psu adaptor cable for an HP 210w power supply. I tried the 330W and the 240W dell ones and still had throttling for some reason.  This adaptor with the HP 210w allowed me to push the cpu as far as I wanted within temperature limits. 


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