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M17x R3 screen/video problems.

Chetoz Guillen

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The last few months I've been having problems with my laptop, when I move it and I turn it on the computer does not detect my discrete graphics, I was kind of freaked out at first but then I deceided to shake it a little bit and like magic it worked again. Then I deceided to update my drivers, I unlocked my A10 Bios and disable my integrated graphics (so I could update my drivers) they work awesome, actually I don't have any problems except that when I have the problem with the discrete graphics the screen either turns black or white I move it or shake it and it works great, also if I move the lid (upwards) screen turns black, then I stop turns on, I push it again black, and so on I mean the laptop screen has never stopped working once I'm playing or working or once I shake it. I think its probably a bad contact with the gpu cable that goes to the screen, at first I thought it was the gpu because this problem NEVER happens when I was on integrated graphics. What do you think I should do?

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If you have experience working on your own computer or are good with delicate electronics I suggest opening the system with a tear down provided here at Tech Inferno or by Alienware in their help documents. Proceed if your comfortable to check the lcd cable where it plugs in and the other two cables or so if there are other than the wifi antennas. It sounds like something is lose or worse there is a video cable with a break in it. If you can reseat the cables and it works fine after great otherwise if your uncomfortable doing so please hit up one of our fine Alienware reps here to set up a repair of your preference. In home repair, depot repair are options. Is your original or any warranty current? Maybe even reseat the video card in its mxm slot.

[MENTION=4186]Alienware-Frank_L[/MENTION] would you be able to set up such a repair if Chetoz Guillen would prefer that?

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Ive had similar troubles on my M18xR1 being sent today to depot. I think its a lose connection and a power issue as my screen flickers and goes black while under load on the discrete graphics and the same thing happened I could lean the screen back and it would sort of bring the picture back. Hands on I found pressing on the LCD connector helped it but I had to hold it with a lot of pressure. Whenever the discrete seem to heat up they flickering haopens immediately and then goes black till they cool off again. I hope you have got your system fixed since 2012 here [MENTION=5612]Chetoz Guillen[/MENTION]

Edit: For me it was definitely faulty video cards as I had it sent to Depot and they replaced the video card only and the issue did not exist anymore. Now on a further note even if it was the 7970m and the original card was 1.05v default volts in vbios for stock clocks. When I got the new cards that did not exhibit the issue they were at a 0.975v voltage for full 3d clocks in the vbios perhaps that had some to do with it and being a new replaced card... the power draw would be lower on the lower voltage so perhaps power draw became an issue in this circumstance. It worked fine after the above no flickering no black screen. Made it into mid 70s C under a few gpu loads and had no issues as before at lower temps.

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