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[M17x r4] Artifacting and Bricked GTX 1070

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Hello everyone,


I was recently enjoying Resident Evil 7 on my 1070 modded Alienware m17x r4 until i suddenly got graphical artifacting then a hard system crash. I booted my pc back up and graphical glitches were everywhere. I tried to reflash the vbios thinking that will fix the gpu however the system crashed mid flash and now it is stuck on an endless restart boot meaning my gpu is bricked.


I initially suspected one of the vram chips on the 1070 was not being properly cooled, however i do have a 5 pipe modded heatsink which has been working well to keep it cool for 6 months already. Plus all the vram chips on inspection seemed to be making contact with the gpu heatsink and thermal pads. The temperatures of the gpu was hovering around 60 degrees Celsius.


Is there a way to boot off the intel integrated graphics so i can reflash the bricked 1070 properly? I only have 1 mxm slot which i need the 1070 to be in so i need to use the integrated graphics to boot to flash it. I'm aware that the integrated graphics does not support 120hz screens, but is there a way to boot using integrated graphics at a lower refresh rate or on a different external monitor using the vga or hdmi ports? I have the unlocked A12 bios.


As for the artifacting, I'm not sure what is causing it, however it is definitely not driver based as it artifacts everywhere and even in the bios aswell.


I reverted back to the GTX 765M that was originally in the system so I can access the bios settings if needed. I am currently trying to use my EXP GDC Beast with a desktop 1070 i have on the alienware, but it seems to cause the same result of endlessly rebooting. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!




Alienware m17x r4

Intel Core i7-3940XM 3.00GHz

32 GB DDR3 1600mhz

Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 8GB (black pcb)

500gb SSD


120hz 3D eDP Screen



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