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Reflash InfoRoms Asus g750jz


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Hi all,
I have an issue with Nvidia 880m on my Asus G750JZ, up to a week ago everything was working correctly until I had to disassemble the pc for the usual routine cleaning, and from that cleaning on it seems that the card has no memory. Windows doesn't start it because returns the error 43.

Below are all the actions are taken:

  • Reopened the pc
    • Check if all cable is connected
    • Disconnect the card, clean the PCI pins and reconnect it
    • Repaste the GPU
  • Reflash the latest PC bios
  • Reflash the stock and/or the latest GPU bios
  • Cleanup driver with DDU and reinstall the windows driver OR the Nvidia driver


For example:

$ nvflash --listpp
NVIDIA Firmware Update Utility (Version 5.692.0)
Copyright (C) 1993-2021, NVIDIA Corporation. All rights reserved.

Reading VBIOS image for listing power policies....

Adapter: GeForce GTX 880M (10DE,1198,1043,157D) S:00,B:01,D:00,F:00

EEPROM ID (EF,3013) : WBond W25X40A 2.7-3.6V 4096Kx1S, page

InfoROM image is not present


How i can reflash the inforom? I've the latest backup for the Vbios taken from the internet, i've already reflash it from windows and from freedos usb and it didn't work.

Many thanks for any tips


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