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I have been recently readings forums about GPU upgrades on MXM modules 3.0B. Since I have a still working old ASUS G73SW-3D Model, I thought why no to venture and try to do an upgrade. I have manage to unlock my BIOS partially and later fully with CHITSET unlocked. The first thing I did try was to hook a eGPU with a GTX 1080Ti for a test. It did work wonderfully, I wasn't expecting to work through the mini-PCIe port (Wifi-CARD port).


My work I did upload it in this forum.

Now I want to make it more portable with a better GPU, so far I have seem a lot of success with olders GPU like the Kleper architecture, so I thought to try with some Maxwell models since is still supported by Nvidia and sometimes I would like to use it along with the eGPU that does work together with the Discrete Graphics.
The GTX 460M is supported until 391.35 version but is quite outdated. 

To resume all this I am just trying to figure out why my GTX 970M 6GB is getting "error 43" after driver installation?


It could be many reasons but I want to clarify my thoughts with some help.  

To start this is a GTX 970m 6GB from a MSI originally (VBIOS Version:, flashed later with a ASUS g751jh vBios - file size183kb- (GPU Bios) GTX 970 3GB and got it working on external VGA port (although I got a from Asus G502VT a vBios of 6GB - file size 118KB but it doesn't work, boots windows start up but all black). This GTX 970 is a non G-Sync model as well as the vBios. 

The Laptop at the most works on VGA port externally, No LCD Display (Internal) I believe that it has to be the LVDS port that has the 3D LCD on it, most people who could make it run on this GPU had the 2D models. IGFX appears but I disabled it, I can install the Intel HD 3000 drivers but wont work since it doesn't have a on Board Graphics Chip.  I was at least hoping to get the Nvidia Drivers right but it hasn't work.  

I feel like I need some vBios modding but there isn't much tutorials or guide for this type of procedure. I can at least flash and read Bios and little little editing skills. 

If there is anyone who could share any ideas I would be more than grateful.


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