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i7 3770k + Gigabyte Z77-DS3H = OC problem

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Hi, I got a "on the table" computer with a motherboard and processor as in the title

There are 4 RAM bones (16GB in total)

airy casing but not some high-end (average, you can say)

CPU cooling is better than box cooling, but it's not good Dark rock or silentium (fresh paste on the CPU is)

The goal is like last time - to safely overclock your CPU (with HT on) and keep temperatures down to keep them cool.

I tried, I got tired and achieved nothing.

The target is some 4.2Ghz

plate replacement or cooling is not possible


I tested different settings on 4.2 and 4.0Ghz clocks - each time after 5 minutes in OCCT on extreme I have even 95 degrees Celsius.

This board has few functions and I have already freaked out what and how

I could not take pictures because it is impossible to display all possible options on this disc, but you can change it with the + and - buttons on the keyboard, so I recorded a movie.

What and how would you arrange it so that it would be good?

if 4.2 is not stable then 4.0 may be ok

HT has to stay

Speed step is welcome, so that the idle processor lowers the clocks.



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Hi, I have an update.

I know that the paste has probably dried under the cap, but I have to do something with this processor in the budget.

In the factory settings, the computer had just passed 15 minutes of OCCT on extreme and the max was at 91 degrees for a while.

I am more happy than what yesterday was on 4Ghz and kind of undervolting because there after 4 minutes it was 95 degrees (all the time occt extreme)

For me, there are two conclusions

you can do undervolting on the factory 3.9 GHz and the temperatures will be quite cool because (if now 91 degrees in OCCT, then after UV from 5 degrees it can go down and in games it will be a little less degrees than it is in OCCT, so it will be ok)



In my opinion, I still do not know the OC / UV capabilities of this processor - I am sure of it because in the factory settings in the bios I have lower temperatures than after my UV, which means I am doing something wrong.

one of two scenarios seems to be the case

a) for each parameter, such as voltage of the cpu itself, there are options Auto - normal - and then different numerical values. I don't know if it is possible that auto / normal has a lower value than the lowest value where we see the digits.

b) somewhere in these options (many) where there is C1 or turbo options, there are some parameters that the above settings from point "a" raise some tension because they are in auto mode.

And so.



I will take screenshots from the movie and I will post it for you

(a) numbers and parameters that can be set under all voltages

b) photo of all turbo options etc. and tell me what I can turn off so that it is better and at the same time that the speedstep processor should have low clocks in the idle. I remember that, for example, in Asrock motherboards, the "spectrum" parameter turned off or something like that, because he was doing a lot of wrong and speed step worked anyway

and so:

Cpu vtt

From left to right 1.075 (something like this is in the table next to it, so it's probably an auto value)

Auto - normal - 0.77 - 0.82 - 0.87 - 0.92 - 0.97 - 1.020 - 1.075 - 1.085 - 1.095 - 1.105- 1.115 - 1.125 - 1.35

Cpu pll a strange thing because the table shows that the auto mode is probably 1.845

Auto settings - normal - 1.545 - 1.645 - 1.745 - 1.845

Imc 0.940 (in the table, unless auto mode has this value) auto -normal - 0.69 -0.74 -0.79 -0.84 -0.89 - 0.94 -0.95 -0.96 -0.97 -0.98- 0.99 -1.0 -1.01 and above




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