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MSI G-Series Unlocked BIOS


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Thread updated with:

GT60 / GT70 -- based on .30M 0NE BIOS w/ 680M GTX support

GX740 -- based on 1.0F by request

Feedback is appreciated guys. I don't have these notebooks to test with so I can't guarantee they will work or have everything unlocked. So please let me know if there are any concerns!

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680M GTX support just means it is based off the newest BIOS that added 680M GTX. If you have a 670M/675M this ROM will work for both as long as you flash the GT70 BIOS.

I already have .30M unlocked which is the exact same as .10M, just with RAID support.

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Let's make a deal. You help me with XM OC'ing via TS by helping Kevin and I'll grab a 680M GTX once they aren't being gouged and confirmed working in the notebook. Then we can have some benching wars (David (16F2) vs. Goliath (M18x)). Currently, things don't look bright for the Clevo 680M in the 16F2. :( Although, I guess I could flash the MSI vBIOS and it might not have the Optimus problems?

I'm still leaning towards the 7970M as it's soooo much cheaper.

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It just adds an option in the BIOS to set RAID if you ever need it. The only difference is, once you flash the BIOS you will need to set the SATA Mode back to AHCI or else the system will try to boot in RAID0.

It's easier to unlock BIOS with RAID as many people have systems with RAID and having one for RAID and one without is pointless if you can just disable RAID.

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Yeah it's actually once an hour now to be promoted, not 24 hours anymore. So once you reach 5 posts, it may take 1-2 hours before your account is upgraded.

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