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"harmonization" of LEDs + OC cpu and temperatures

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hey, I have a computer on the "table" with ryzen 5 2600x + amd wraith cooling on it (factory, with LED) + large case (3x air intake fan + 2x exhausting fan, 12cm each) on b450 msi tomahawk

for this msi gtx 1070 (probably the one with one fan)

the issues are 3

1. I have leds

a) some stripes on the mobo

b) on a cpu cooler (but if it is RGB / ARGB, I do not know)

c) 3x factory 12cm fan on the front

d) 2x 12cm zalman fan. (1x rear, 1x top)

the above fans are connected to the controller from the case and this one to the argb connector on the motherboard

led from the cpu cooler also to the board to the argb connector

I want to do something so that from the level of some application (msi mystic light because msi board? This is how it works?) I can control and synchronize all LEDs in the computer - and y fan and cpu cooler and plate lighting.

How should I do it and set it up? in the mystic application, I only have access to the LEDs on the motherboard.

Or maybe I have to connect something else?

I have to do it at the cheapest cost because it's not for me ... and I don't like LEDs and don't know about them, that's why I'm asking here.

2. Are there any ready-made configurations to tweak this prock a bit? I don't mean some strong overclocking but maybe you can easily achieve e.g. 4.5Ghz or something like that? '

3. I turned on the cart - cpu killer to maxa + for full furmark test.

It got hot.

According to I would have to set the fans to work as they work, but + 20-30% faster all the time, or change the fan curve somewhere.

Where are these things done?

because I will present the curve in the afterburner right?


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