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Does OCing a laptop display need Cooling on any parts??

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Recently I wanted to put a new Display on my Medion Erazer x7815 // MSI GT 780. I wanted to get more Hz.

As far as I have learned the connector is LVDS and there seem to be no displays with more then 60HZ for that connector. All eDP. I tried to find a kind of adapter from LVDS to eDP because theoretically the bandwidth of LVDS should be enough to exceed 60HZ (at least what I read somewhere...I don't quiet get the calculating myself).


So since that failed I nearly gave up until I found out I can just use the Nvidia control panel. 

I added more and more Hz until I reached 90Hz. I may even be able to push further... But my common sense doesn't let me yet. Which seemed too much for me since it is +50% then stock.

I checked ingame movements and browsing with 90Hz tho...It is smoother! 

Checked frame skipping with a camera...no frameskips!

I left it at 75Hz for now until I have some questions answered.


Do some parts need cooling when exceeding the stock values by that amount? I have thermal adhesive electrical tape and finding thin metal sheets shouldn't be a problem.

I would like to add a picture of a spare display I have got, but i can't sadly.


Thanks for the help!

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