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quadro p4000 in clevo p750zm (eurocom p5 pro)?

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So I just bought a clevo p750zm and I ordered a p4000 mxm, I checked that my mb supported eDP and it did. I was wondering if you had to do mods to get the p4000 to work or is that pretty much it? (I'm pretty new to the laptop modding scene)



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Have you tried installing it yet?  I am pretty sure this will work, but you will likely have to use a modified .inf at the very least. 

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    • By Binarious
      I installed an NVIDIA Quadro P4000 Max-Q in a Clevo P750DM-G.
      Device manager hardware ID shows:
      I have done the standard inf file mod, then disabled driver enforcement as I have done successfully in the past, but it's not working this time. The install starts, then fails less than half way through. I have tried the DCH version, standard version, and studio versions and none of them will work. I am probably missing something. Could it be the result of the vBIOS?
      Below are screenshots starting with GPUz



    • By Xav92
      This might look like a strange question to ask but I would like to know if at this point it is worth it upgrading from a P750ZM to a P750DM-G ?
      My current specs are the best I could get in my ZM.
      -i7 4790K (overclocked) @ 4.3 GHZ
      -16 GB Ram Hyper X Impact DDR3
      -GTX 980M custom Vbios (Overclocked)
      -2 x Samsung 950 Pro 500 Gb V-Nand SSD
      -1X 1TO SSHD (seagate) 7200.
      I was wondering if there is any advantage the DM has over the ZM are Intel 6 gen processors worth it over my i7 4790K ?
      Is there any advantage of having thunderbolt on a laptop that's already up-gradable ?
      Is there any other advantages of getting a DM-G at this point in time.
      I have been hearing a lot about 6 gen intel and the new 750DM-G's but I got my ZM expecting to keep it for at least two years upgrading to a top of the line PASCAL GPU along the way when those are available and when the bios updates are available before buying a new clevo barebone and transferring my GPU and SSD's into my new clevo system when I purchase it I was expecting to do this at around X-Mas 2016-Early 2017.
      Is there any good reason for upgrading before end 2016 early 2017 ?
      I am currently torn between sending the money in this hobby or in another one (film photography).....
      Thank you in advance for your help and advice !
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