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Problem with alienware m17x r2 crossfire

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I got an alienware with 5870m crossfire. I got last drivers from amd, and the problem i have is that CCC wont allow me to activate crossfire.

It says that the crossfire cable is not conected, wich it is connected, also i tryed to swamp right card to left spot and viceversa, and it runs as well, but dont allow me to enable crossfire either.

The gpu z recognices both cards, and both are working properly, since i tryed both cards as master alone, passing 3dmark test.

What can be the problem? maybe bios? Can be the cable got broken?

Other info, using windows 7 64bits fresh instalation, amd 12.4 drivers.

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Well, i have contacted dell telling abaut my problem, they offered to extend the guarantee, which was finished 1 year ago, till 2015 for 150 euros.

What im sure abaut, is that i had to fix box touchpad and toolbar ribbons, because they got broken, by shortening them and filling the plastic, to make them contact again.

I commented that to the guy that was offering me the guarantee extension, and they told me that as long as it isnt fisical damaged would be problem, but im not sure abaut what they would think when they see that.

Do you think that it is worth the guarantee extention?

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It's not worth it if:

- you can buy those replacement parts (like eBay)

- install them yourself

Crossfire cable and the plastic part don't sound expensive to me.


My thoughts exactly

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Had the exact same problem you were having on my R2 and figured out it was the CF cable through a continuity tester as well. Called Dell tech support and tried to explain to them the issue was the CF cable, not the cards. 3 visits by techs & 3 card swaps later, I gave up on Dell to get the part I needed.

In short, I was able to get a CF replacement from mythlogic.com. Tell them what you got and they'll set you up with the right sized cable to get your CrossFire working.

Good luck.

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