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Alienware 17 R4 Black Screen


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I cleaned the fans on my Alienware 17 R4 laptop and applied thermal paste. When I put it back, I came across a black screen. The laptop looked like it was working perfectly but the screen was black. I connected the laptop to the TV with HDMI, everything looks fine. I thought this was a screen problem and I tried with a new screen the screen was black again. When I press the D + power button, nothing happens and the laptop restarts after a while. I cannot access biosa with HDMI. After Windows is opened, HDMI comes into play and provides the image over the GTX 1070. When I open the Intel HD application, my panel does not seem active and cannot be activated. What could be the problem?








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It's possible that the CPU was damaged somehow during the repaste and you've lost the integrated graphics. You could try disabling the Intel graphics in Device Manager to try to force your display to use your 1070, but it may not make a difference. 

You could also try reinstalling your Intel driver but that's a long shot. 

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4 saat önce Edyy şunları söyledi:


I think if there was an error in the CPU, my motherboard would signal an error or my laptop wouldn't turn on. I think the problem is with the LCD flex cable but I can't be sure.

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MattyB 9 saat önce şunları söyledi:


Give my laptop to a local technician. He told me there was no problem with the graphics card and something was short-circuited on the motherboard. He then did not find the problem. This situation makes me think that it is from LCD flex cable.

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This may sound really weird and is a long shot. But have you tried changing Power AC adapters? You have to remember how much power your pumping through these older laptops. Anything power related I would Immediately replace the power cord and the AC adapter following behind it. If you've done thermal paste jobs before its highly unlikely that YOU caused anything to actually short circuit but instead possible that a wire came loose in the process from basic aging and wear n tear. Start with the wires and work your way back. Even if they look plugged in give them a good ol fashion unplug n reseat. Dust n debris and absolutely ANYTHING can get stuck in the pins that connect the flips together.(learned from experience.) 

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