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Upgrade videocard for MSI GX680

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Hello everyone, I decided to replace the video card on my MSI gx680 with gtx770m, the video card came from a dell laptop, it did not get stuck: the vent was turned on full, but there was no picture at all, I took it to the service with a request to flash vbios from msi, flashed, nothing changed. Does it make sense to give it for repair or video cards from dell do not work on msi notebooks?

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    • By bagster
      Hello world...
      I was wondering if anyone tried to install a tesla p6 mxm gpu in a laptop. I am looking to doing this - modification- not quite an upgrade  - because I will have to accept optimus - if it will work - nvidia states there is no optimus support, as well as no video output - but I am optimistic - i will try the flash a hex modified bios of a p5000 on it - via spi flasher and see if it will do the trick - the specs and the card itself seem to be identical... but I was just wondering if anyone did this before.
    • By K1Vm4n
      Hi guys,
      Before posting I searched this forum back and forth multiple times to make sure I am not asking a question that has already been addressed. Well, it hasn't unfortunately.
      I own an Alienware 17 (2013). Last month its GTX 780M breathed its last. I mourned it shortly and I am now ready for a new GPU. My fantasy is to outfit my system with a Quadro K5100M. (Even a K4100M would do if I think about it.) A long time ago I came across an ebay seller offering customized Alinware 17 (R5) systems with K5100M GPUs. I PMed the dealer and they confirmed to me that they were the ones doing the customization, not the original manufacturer. So this tells me it is possible and, needless to say, I'd love to do it too.
      Hope there are folks that can help me with this by sharing their insights and knowledge. I would appreciate any relevant input, guys. Thanks!
    • By stillnotpc
      Has any of the experts here managed to persuade Windows 10 to talk to a GTX770m? Mine was perfectly happy under Win7 but I slipped and succumbed to a Win10 installation and that only works with my old GTX260m. That gives just acceptable performance, but I would like to get the 770 working if possible and would prefer not to roll back from Win10.
      Win10 hangs on a pale green screen. Fortunately I run with HyperOS so have optional boot into Win7 partition still available so can still run the 770 under that. Until I took this step into the "future", the 337.50 driver was working fine. I need to (be told how to) modify a suitable driver so that I can install it with the 260 and then change the hardware back to the 770. Or should I give up with the 770 and try a 780 or 880? Btw, the 770 has the latest BIOS I could find (April 20, 2013).
      All advice gratefully received...
    • By MicroAlex
      Hey there lads,
      I am having some trouble with my upgrade decision. Essentially I have thought that just like with desktops I will be able to easily upgrade my laptops GPU... NOPE!
      This laptop was rocking a 560M previously, however I have decided to strap a M290X to it. I did manage to get it working by updating to the latest Alienware unlocked BIOS and tweaking some settings.
      My problems is that the GPU fan will not spin at all while the laptop is ON. Yes I can control it with a 3rd party software, however I prefer that the fans would work automatically as when you are not in Windows you are baking your laptop.
      The fan is not faulty as was tested by swapping with CPU fan. Also GPU fan spins with custom HWiNFO curve and while performing a BIOS flash as both of them ramp up to 100%.
      I also did notice that Aida64 reports 1RPM 35% fan speed. I hope all it needs is a small tweak.
      Personally I have played around with flashing VBIOS to desktop cards, making slight mods to them and messing with Asus N61JQ AMIBIOS to unlock hidden menus.
      Any suggestion on what could be modified, tweaked and so on for this to work properly? Feel free to request additional info.
      PS, if to be believed the M290X 4GB card is from a new Alienware 17 series laptop launched sometime in 2013. Bios signature also shows DELL in the description.
      I know I do not have the minimum requirements to post or contact svl7 for a Bios mod, but I am curious if it is possible to make it work properly to begin with. I have no problems in making a donation for the help as I know that time is money.
      Alienware M17X R3
      BIOS A12 (unlocked)
      Intel i7-2670QM
      nVidia 560M (stock GPU)
      AMD R9 M290X (upgrade)
      16GB DDR3
      Stock power brick (also have a 330w brick)
      Thank you for your time.
    • By Teldarius
      I try to install a GTX770M on my M17XR4, origin is a GTX660M.
      Problem, I have read several forums looking for specific information, but it is difficult to make sense of things.
      I seek a tutorial that shows all the stages of change.
      Can you help me "how to".
      thank you
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