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Dell G7 17 7790 laptop keyboard thoughts?


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A few months ago i became a proud owner of a Dell G7 17 Gaming laptop.  In general i am a satisfied happy Dell customer and have used/owned a few Dell laptops over the years... Latitude/XPS/Inspiron/etc... the choice for the G7 17 was because it was a much cheaper version of an Alienware of similar specs including the 4 zone RGB keyboard.

Overall, lappy is good but I suspect there is a design flaw with its spacebar and wanted to see if anyone else had experienced spacebar not registering periodically so sentencesturnoutlikethis...

It works 100% when the spacebar is pressed closer to the center... while its only registering ~50% when either near left or right side of spacebar which due to my typing is normally where i press it from

I have never encountered this before on a laptop (including other brands) and never on a desktop keyboard.

So i am curious if anyone else is/has experienced this before on any other laptop or brand of laptop?




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