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Optimizing and learning for 2020


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Hi everyone, Im pretty new to laptop gaming, I had been using a Macbook for years. I bought my M14xR2 second hand since then just to figure out how to game it's really put me on a journey of learning more how use computers and the principles behind it. Countless of hours now justy trying to undertand NVDIA control panel and the next thing, and the next from how do BIOS work to how do I disassemble my laptop.

So the point I'm trying to get to is what would be a good framework to build on to understand and maximize the usage of this device? What type of other skills of worth are there to note of on the way and learn more in detail about?

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hey dude, 


i have the R1 model but here are some good tips for these models ;


- There are ALOT of Youtube videos on how to dissassemble / reassemble laptops 

- The AW M14X platform has been out for a while now and may not be the best for gaming

- Get learning on TEMPERATURE and how it affects performance (cooling / airflow / thermal paste)
- as for BIOS , if it's LOCKED with a Password, you can contact DELL directly and ask for the password (what i did , providing the Serial Number), but beware ; playing in BIOS can really mess up you system if you don't know what you're doing!


Here's what I DID to my M14xR1 ; 


-dissassembled and re-applied new Thermal Paste (you need proper tooling and patience !)

- Installed more RAM to a Max of 8GB

- Replaced the FAN , the R1 Model has less airflow than yours (basically i took the R2 Fan and plug'n play into the R1)

- replaced the HDD with an SSD (Massive performance gains !)
- replaced the wifi module with a new 5Ghz Wifi + BlueTooth Module 

- replaced Windows 7 with Linux MINT 20 as Operating System (Super light weight on the system , uses around 700MB RAM on the 8GB. compared to 3GB Windows10)

- Linux MINT offers AMAZING Customization and is SUPER easy to use (i migrated from Win7 to this)

as you see i put alot of importance on AIRFLOW and COOLING , as that's what's going to impede your gaming experience the most ! 


Any specific questions, plz feel free to ask away 

(i might not respond as soon , i monitor this forum maybe once a week)


cheers ! 


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