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G75VW [MOD] BIOS Late to Party


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Nice to see ya! To see ya, nice!

 First off, THANKS Svl7 for the modded G75VW unlocked-overclock BIOS. Granted, I'm very late to the party. Still... THANKS!

 Short story short, old friend gave me a G75VW and as much as I appreciate it (coming from an Acer Aspire 5742 - cough cough) I was tearful when getting a whiff of the GTX 660M. Read much and thanks to ROG forum (Dreamonic posts in particular) found nerve to flash the Svl7 BIOS. Despite TeH horror stories, all went well. No black screen, no blue screen, no need for Gary Fix... The modded BIOS (223) works great.

 While doing my homework "in case of classic ASSus famous bricking" I collected some interesting BIOS variants. Esp some "8mb dumps." In case somebody else finds G75VW modding same way I did........ Late. If anybody wants those dumps (incl a VX "DAVE MOD" that looks like a 670MX) I kept them, just ask.

 Anyway, THANKS Svl7. 1275+/3000 really woke this 660M up.

 I use "ASSus" as owner of Rampage IV Extreme... nuff said.

 Peace be witcha.



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Hey, just found this site myself and have been upgrading an old g75vw myself. Installed me ram and for some reason it's only utilizing 1333ghz instead of the corsairs full 1600, so finding these modded bios is just what I needed. I actually initially had the bios brick on me when i changed my boot drive to an ssd so I know the ordeal it can be with these so it;s good to hear you had success with these. Puts me more at ease for when I can finally download the bios and try it out. I do have a usb flash kit either way though lol so even if it crashed again it would be easy enough. Though I am interested in what other bios variants you have as I only was able to find one factory copied bios when I looked for them (besides these unlocked ones here). All and all though it's a nice laptop for how old it is, I like it as a video editing laptop for travel.

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