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M6700 GPU options k4000m or 860m kepler

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Hi I've been trying to see some viable upgrade options for my m6700 i7-3940xm, 16gb ddr3, 1080p, k4000m rig. I went through the Firepro m6100 (30$ on ebay) route but once I got a non DOA card and had it installed the temps at full speed were above 90C and I just am not interested in that on such an old laptop. I wasn't interested in having to deal with a fan control software all the time to remedy that either.


On Firestrike Graphics I was only getting 3231 compared to my stock K4000m 2850 range so it wasn't a huge upgrade anyways. I never tried to OC the M6100 bc it was already getting too hot. So anyways I OC'd my K4000m with MSI +135 Core and +729 Memory and get about 3650 with no change in cooling profile. And I certainly wouldn't mind a "promotion" here so I can get the vbios to go up even further;)


I've now come into the possession, free, of a gtx 860m 2GB which I'm pretty sure is kepler. Due to the confusion of which 860m is which maxwell or kepler I'm just going to assume it's kepler. It's the full size mxm 3 card. The problem is that which score is the firestrike graphics review for? It's at 4312 as of the august list, there is no "review" by ul of the k4000m but as above I have real scores for my system stock and oc'd. The Passmark is not as consistent IMHO as firestrike graphics scores across my m6700 and m4600 over win7 and win10 with different gpus, raw baseline scores seem more realistic in passmark. The 860m rating in passmark, whichever version they've received data for, is only like 1900 average(ridiculous), the k4000m is rated at 2250 average to my real world of 2850 in passmark.


Another thing is that I'd have to replace the xbracket on the 860m as it's the alienware version with the higher studs on the die side, so thankfully I have an old quadro 1000m from my m4600(put a firepro m4000 in there for 22$) that I can just take that xbracket from so as to not damage the k4000m for resale etc


I can't really decide if I should tear apart my poor m6700 AGAIN to test it out or not, would it be a decent upgrade? Maybe if I OC'd the 860m it would be worth it right? Anybody have any experience here?

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As a finish up to this, I did install the 860m in my machine but it was dead must have had some damage not seen or mentioned. UL firestrike list for august 2019 has the 860m at 4312. I was able to get the k4000m oc vbios from another contributor here, as the admins don't seem interested in listening to a lot of people here who complain about the downloading eligibility policy. Ok getting an account I get, like nexus for larger stuff, but then to pour on the nonsense "promoted". It would be nice if the people who had those could list them somewhere else for dl say archive.org etc


-Getting back to the k4000m, I flashed it successfully and now run it at core 980Mhz(+380 in msi) and the memory at +720 msi not really sure what that makes the memory clock on it but the onscreen msi/riva says it's running at 2100mhz. My k4000m firestrike is now 4620 putting me over an 860m and just below a 780m, and I could go further up as my temperatures on full load gaming like mass effect andromeda are still mid 60c to 70c but I don't want to overdo it and I went from a stock ~2850 firestrike to 4620 firestrike pretty nice.


I'm fine with the level of gaming I get, even shadow tomb raider went from mid 20's fps to 35+ fps and most of the time in Andromeda I'm getting 45-60+ fps. I don't play at 1080p though usually it's at 720p on medium/low settings for smoothness, older games I play at 1080p or a step  down like witcher 3 and get 50-60+ fps. A well optimized game like GTAV is always over 60fps. I also overclocked my screen to 75hz. This laptop cost me a total of 330$ which included the k4000m, 3940xm, 16gb ram, 1080p and 2 128gb ssd's so it's pretty sweet.


-My next card will most likely be a 970m as they are around 200$ and offer comparable capabilities to the 980m which is currently sitting at 320$. That's not for a while though unless a sweet deal comes up. I'm attaching the unlocked k4000m rom so others can get it as well as a gpuz screenshot for reference.

k4000m oc details.jpg

4620 Firestrike 4620 k4000m oc 980mhz.png


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