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Dell XPS 13 9360, Killer 1535 WiFi vs Intel 8265 WiFi, AUX and MAIN labels swapped.!!!


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Hi there.
Today I recently recieved an Intel 8265 WiFi card for replacing the Killer 1535 card inside of my Dell XPS 13 9360.

Currently within the laptop on the Killer card, the white antenna is connected to "AUX" labeled on the card with a black triangle, and the black antenna is connected to "MAIN" labeled on the card with a white triangle.

However, on the new Intel 8265 WiFi card I have obtained, these labels have swapped in colour, with "MAIN" labeled as black and "AUX" labeled as white.

Upon some further research, I've recieved mixed answers as to whether I should swap the antenna as a result when installing the new Intel card. Some say that it does not matter which antenna are plugged where, whereas some say that the antenna must be plugged into their respective colour for optimal performance (perhaps faster speeds / having bluetooth work) even if it means swapping their previous positions for the Intel card.vidmate mobdro word counter

I wanted to ask which of these two answers hold the most validity, just so I can be completely clear and avoid any ambiguity or uncertainty before attempting to replace the cards.
Thank you.

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They're swapped as the colour of the triangle corresponds to the colour of the antenna supposed to be connected. Having said that, the main and aux antennas usually go up either side of the screen panel, so it likely doesn't matter which is connected where. Attached is a pic of the card from my Dell laptop. 


Sounds like a good excuse to do some experimenting! 


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So I played with this today quite a bit, indoors only mind you since it's cold and crappy outside today. I ran some signal strength comparisons for about 6 points around the house (on different floors, using 2.4 and 5 GHz, n and ac, etc) and then did it again after swapping the antennas... The result is... 


Made no discernable difference what so ever. 

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Doesn't seem to have any different as both antenna is the same after dismantle from multiple laptop. its only the placement where its located Left/Right/Center of the screen depend on the build. Only laptop with 3x3 where the Center Antenna normally is slight different size from the rest that could make a small different.

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