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Laptop overclock and PSU

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Hello everyone,

some time by now I flashed a custom Vbios (thank you Klem) on an Acer Predator 15 G9-591 and I started doing some tests about how far I could go overclocking the gtx 970m without running too hot. With the voltage up to 1150mV and something like 300 additional MHz for the core clock, in the strongest stress condition for both Gpu and Cpu ( i7-6700hq undervolted), the Gpu reaches a max temp of 85C (with some 86 spikes but never more than that).

Considering that soon I'm going to relid both Cpu and Gpu and clean everything in the internals (laptop is 4 years old) I think I'm going to have some additional heatroom.

I've already tested some further overclocking and I noticed that even if the temperatures remains under 93C (which is just for testing purposes, but after relidding temps could be nicer) graphical glitches occur and after some time most games crash. But my question is, could it be because of lack of power supply? The laptop charger provides 180W 

Could there be an increase in overclock margins with a 230W psu or something like that? (Obviously with the same 19.5V output)

If anybody tried something like that on any laptop model, or knows the matter, I'd like to know

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1. I think that 1150mV  it's too much for GTX 970M, I think that 1056 - 1068 mV is optimal for overclock GTX 970M.

2. Also, I think that 230W PSU better choice then 180W PSU for overclock GTX 970M (in laptops with any i7 CPU).

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Hi again, I've been out from home these weeks but a few days ago I managed to change the thermal paste along with a complete dust cleanup of fans.

And the temperatures dropped of 23 Celsius for gpu and 21 for cpu, wow! I used Arctic mx-4 applying a tiny layer, the stock thermal paste was poured all over the place in absurd quantities and it was hard and crappy

However, with 300 more mhz for core clock and 200 more for memory clock I have to set the voltage to 1175 (so one step over 1168) otherwise very few games such as gta V have graphical artifacts and minor glitches and in particular gta V crashes after some time -maybe something like 1h playing or less-. The same happens for FurMark Opengl. Anyway at 1175 temps are always around 69-70 C degress, so I guess it's good, right?

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