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Ethernet interference problem


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Whenever everyone in my family gets on, my internet ping goes really high (30-45), but when no one is on, it is more like 5-10. I am connected through ethernet to my wireless router, Could there be ethernet interference causing an issue?

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What's the model of your router?

What host are you pinging to test the round-trip?

Try to ping your router's IP while your relatives are connected and while you're the only host in your LAN. If when they are on the time is higher the problem might lie in a slow/shitty router's hardware.

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Also, what's your setup?  is it a gateway (modem/router combo) or do you have a separate modem?  Make and model of everything?  Ethernet card in your system?  Also it could be due to what they're doing when they're online.  Are they streaming video?  That will eat up your bandwidth like crazy, especially if multpile people are streaming simultaneously.  What is your internet plan Upload/Download speeds?  I used to have this problem with Century Link all the time, especially since they can't guarantee their speeds.

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