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Alienware 13 R3 1060m is an ES Chip?


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Good morning, i bought an Alienware 13 R3 off of ebay that said it had issues installing the gpu driver months ago. The price was good enough that i went for it and even if i couldn't get the gpu going it would be a great work laptop. Anyways after messing with it repeatedly over the last few months and trying everything i could think of i got nowhere. I could not find a driver anywhere for HWID 1BA9. I disassembled the unit and say that on the Nvidia Die it said Engineering Sample. I have use ES Cpus before but i did not realize it was possible to get them on production laptop gpus. So i did more digging and found that the driver 368.41 was for the NVIDIA_DEV.1BA9.3456.1458 = "NVIDIA Graphics Device",and NVIDIA_DEV.1BA9.3555.1458 = "NVIDIA Graphics Device".  which is apparently the chip i have. Unfortunately they have pulled that driver and i cannot find it anywhere to try. My question is; is there anyhting else i might be missing, or is there any other options for finding or maybe duplicating the driver? I would be willing to pay someone to "mod" a driver for me as i dont think i did it right when i tried.


*Hardware ID : PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1BA9&SUBSYS_076E1028&REV_A1*


Any help would be appreciated,



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weird, this is a soldered on chip ?

We can help you modify the driver and install it, this way you can have latest drivers etc...

This is pretty facinating, would you mind joining my discord server when you want us to help you, this way we can do it in real time and share the info, I got to see this. 

This link will bring you to our chat server (Discord) whenever you want, if you want. If we find resolution we can share it here too, for a permanent hard copy.

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Hi thanks for your response. I thought it was strange too, yes it is a soldered on chip. And as far as I know it is a production motherboard, so I am wondering how it got an ES GPU put on. But then again on eBay anything is possible I guess. Maybe I'll take it appart again and take a pic of the die. I knew I should have when I did last time but forgot at the time  I would love any help you can get me and I'll try to set some time asside to go on chat tomorrow. When is the best time to for you?


Thanks again

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I actually have the exact same issue with the same background. Bought Alienware 13 R3 from ebay and I'm unable to use the dedicated graphics. Windows shows  error message "

This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)

The driver trying to start is not the same as the driver for the POSTed display adapter."


Do you have a modded driver available that you can share with me?

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