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P150EM GTX1070 (MSI) Upgrade Success


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Managed to find a relatively cheap MSI 1070 on ebay, and after reading a few success stories that 1070's are compatible I decided to pull the trigger. 


Modified the bottom case as per the photo on this FAQ page http://www.eurocom.com/ec/faqs(272)ClevoP150EM_SagerNP9150_XMG_P502_PRO. Things were going well until I went to screw the card down and felt some resistance.


Oops. Looks like that capacitor(?) with the blue on it *just* clashes with the card. Now what's weird is not all P150em motherboards seem to have this component on it - looking at replacements this component is not there. Also looking at the photos from this 1080m P150em mod (https://premamod.wordpress.com/2017/10/10/clevo-pascal-mxm-standard/), this component isn't there either. Does anyone know what this is, and if it can be removed? Or, if this could be taken off and shifted out of the way somehow, or replaced with a smaller equivalent...?


In my disbelief/annoyance/problem solving when trying to push it down, I did notice that the card has a surprising amount of flex in it and it *can* be screwed down almost completely to a level where I feel somewhat comfortable in doing... Though I'd rather not put this strain on the card if there is a way to avoid it.









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"Bugger it. She'll be right."


Decided to just go ahead with it and the bending isn't as bad as it seemed like it was going to be. 




Have changed the thermal pads since these photos - I only need 1mm pads on memory and chokes. The 'border' which was designed to contact the 980M mosfets doesn't quite line up with this card and is only half covered by it. I put in a 2mm thermal pad next to the border section to make up the height difference, and a 1.5mm thermal pad over the mosfets themselves so they would have their entire surface covered. I didn't need to do any modification to the heatsink outside of adding a 1mm copper shim to contact the die properly.





No issues installing drivers, just followed J95's guide here https://premamod.wordpress.com/2017/08/15/j95-nvidia-inf/ and bam:




The only thing I have to deal with now is the heat this bad boy puts out.

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