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W320SS 860M issue ? Bios Update ?

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So recently I gave my laptop to my son to use and since he's had it, it started to have an issue with the 860M Nvidia Driver or the 860M Hardware.  I have rebuilt the laptop with 8.1 and Windows 10 and just could not get the GPU to work - I am now wondering if it has ever worked.  With it disabled in device manager my son can run some games on the Intel 4600 GPU,  So I think maybe it wasn't using the 860M before and when he got the laptop and installed all his steam games, maybe it upgraded or installed the driver.  


Is there any way to tell if the 860M is working properly ?  Will the modified bios help me in anyway to determine that ?   If so when can I get it from ? I only managed to get one driver working on it - not even the one provided by Clevo works.  It just crashes or hangs as soon as I install it. 


Hope someone can advise if just to tell me the GPU is fried - the laptop did seem to have the fan running constantly like a jumbo jet!


Many Thanks



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Sounds like you're GPU might be dead. Check in the bios and see if it lists it first. Then do a clean re-install of Windows 10. Hook the computer up to the internet and let it sit for an hour or two. Eventually Windows will auto-install the gpu drivers. To check and see if the driver is installed you can run dxdiag and see if it lists your actual GPU under display 1 or if it just says basic Microsoft display adapter.


After that run GPU-Z or HWiNFO and see what those show you. If everything looks okay after this try running a game and see what happens. A GPU VMOD may help depending on what the problem is you could underclock the GPU and keep it alive a little longer. But it sounds like you might be donezo. You'll need 5 quality posts and then a manual review of your account after a week to download things here.

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