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Any Way to Upgrade the Screen on the HP 2570P?


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Hi everyone.


I have an HP 2570P with a 1366 x 768 non-IPS display. Does anyone know of any way to upgrade the screen on the HP 2570 to an IPS display, preferably one with a higher resolution than 1366 x 768?


If you do know of a way, would you please tell me what you did to upgrade the screen on the HP 2570P?


Thank you for any help you may be able to provide with this.

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Your current panel is a 1-channel LVDS, so in theory you could upgrade to a maximum of 1600x900p (bandwidth restriction). Unfortunately, no such panel has been made, so without a cable swap you're limited to a 768p IPS. IPS or TN doesn't depend on the system, it's a purely internal technology.


Any of these will do and they're somewhat better than your Samsung, but don't expect miracles:

  1. LP125WH2-SLT1
  2. LP125WH2-SLT2
  3. LP125WH2-SLT3
  4. LP125WH2-SLB1
  5. LP125WH2-SLB2
  6. LP125WH2-SLB3

Be careful to order only used panels because if you don't you'll probably receive a compatible model and that could be anything, including the same Samsung you have now or one of the TN LP's form the same series.

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