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M14X R2 Bios A15 Unlocked?


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Has anyone unlocked the final bios release for the M14X R2 yet? I've been searching but can't seem to find anything. If not, would it be possible for someone to unlock it and add the unlocked VBIOS for those of us still enjoying these machines? File link below for simplicity (too large for me to attach). Thanks in advance!


M14XR2 A15

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I just joined and I;m looking to open my bios too. Im a noob at this. I've been at this non stop for hours for several weeks. I used to be able to run Far Cry 5 and play it great. Now the FPS are tanked. Same thing when I play Yakuza 0. Yet I can play Metal Gear Solid 5 good. I'm just trying to boost up my gpu voltage and its locked. Actually whatever method I can, if anyone could help that'd be awesome. Please.


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