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M17xR3 GPU Issues


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So I bought an older model M17xR3 with 6990 AMD GPU in it. When I turn on the PC the Screen blinks, image get crooked until I boot into the system. Also it won't load the video on YouTube. I can view the pictures on google just fine and load pages as well. Can anyone help me out ? Is it bad GPU or what should I do ? 

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well, before you replace you could try to "repair" it. I had a similar problem with my 7970m in the r4 and it ultimatily ended in 8 beeps on boot. As some other threads suggested (not only specific for this card) it's failure is most likely because of the solder on it which tends to embrittle if the card gets really hot numerous times. For me this was the case as I didn't spend enough attention to it - the air grid was slightly clogged and caused overheating.

To reverse the process of the solder you have to heat it up enough so it can solidify again in a good way.

How could you do that? You bake it.

Risk is, one: if the card is not completely flat, the solder could move. And two: you could fry your chips. But it's already broken so you wouldn't have much to lose, would you? IIRC it's something around 118°C for 20mins, but don't take my word on it and look up some solved cases in which they describe it. You want to be slightly over the melting point of solder, but stoves are not really that temperature steady so could get unlucky.


Well, it's worth a try.

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