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Precision M6700 ExpressCard for (old) PCMCIA Cardbus PC-Card

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The slot on the M6700 is a 26pin 54mmX75mmX22mm Expresscard, which replaced the (quite outdated) 68pin 54mmX85mm CardBus PC Card adapter.
I am not sure that Dell even makes one of these for the M6700 - actually I am quite sure they don't.
What I am hoping to do is find a compatible adapter from an older model / 3rd party adapter that I can switch out.

I have disassembled the laptop and had a good look/measurement of the space and I believe there is enough room to fit a 68pin card-cage.

I would be happy to do some light modification to any adapter, but I wouldn't like to poke at the mainboard or controller.



If the above simply does not exist and is impossible to modify - a is it possible to use the eSata expansion bay? It currently houses a 9.5mm slot load r/w.

I know there are adapters that look like S*^T or stick out of the side of the card-slot for a foot of so - that's not too sexy.

I would prefer not to use one of the adapters unless I it were a slim-box style that (in theory) I could Velcro to the body or something and have it look proper.

Could somebody please help me to find a suitable swap? I have truly looked EVERYWHERE and cannot find a solution that looks like a professional job.


Here is some accurate info from Parts-People:


(I also checked with them and so far, no luck)


Also: This is all about an Audigy 2 ZS sound card, my ears cannot substitute a modern product.

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My "new" Audigy 2 ZSN arrives in a few days followed by a Startech ExpressCard -> Cardbus adapter. From my research, I have found that this is the most common setup for those that are utilizing PCMCIA cards on modern laptops. While usually for this soundcard specifically, setup for a Precision E-Series is un-documented to my knowledge, so I'll be happy to post my findings here and still welcome help if it's out there.


The Mini-Project So Far:


The StarTech Adapter is Temporary. Flimsy, Accident-Prone & Ugly in a few words. My ZSN will be more than completely exposed and sticking out from the side of my laptop with this adapter - and any adapter I've so far found, so my objective is still to find a compatible PCMCIA replacement for the Expresscard. On that note, "Dell launched the E Series of laptops on August 12, 2008 with a collection of Latitude (E4200, E5400, E5500, E6400, E6500, E6400 ATG) and Precision (M4400, M2400) computers. Notably, the 17" models do not share a chassis with the Latitude series anymore." : >17": M2400, M2800, M4400, M4500, M4600, M4700, M4800 17": M6400, M6500 17.3": M6600, M6700, M6800 as belonging to this family... (wiki)


Dell rep: "Even the stocks on the Latitude models that would have it only have the 26pin in stock. We cannot give any" guarantees on when the 68pin part will be available again or any possible timeframes." Though I am sure "cannot guarantee compatibility" is Ctrl-p, sounds like a PCMCIA was an option for the Lats - as for the part number(s) for the potential matche(s) - they only have the part numbers for in-stock items or whatever. I will try to ask again today and update this piece of the thread.


Note: I'm posting information as I'm finding it for a few reasons:

1. My searching has unearthed that this is still a popular card, but as related info is pretty sparse, I've left Google-food in hopes to help others down the line.

2. Someone will help me to connect the dots; Maybe someone already has but with another Precision in the family.

3. I hope to be a contributing member of this forum... starting now ;).


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