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Ageing M14x Fans and Cooling

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Just wondering if any M14x R1 owners is still around, I recently had to reuse my old alienware due to a mishap with my MSI. When i turned it on the fan speed was max and insanely loud. I never remember it being so loud when I use it regularly last time.


Can it be dust that is causing a problem or the thermal paste might not be as good anymore (look up and it is extremely hard to repaste thermal compound)


Is there a software fix to this?

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my M14x R1 recently started sounding like a jet engine. I've searched many forums and one successful fix was to actually repaste the cpu and gpu. Search youtube for the m14x deconstruction. I did this but unfortunately didn't resolve my issue but may help others.

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Yeah, a definite repaste and cleaning is needed! Even if you don't plan to use it long, it may help you the next time you need to pull it out of the closet! Lol. It's not that hard, although make sure you keep track of your screws! If you go into it with confidence I'm sure you'll be able to do it! 


(I know this is an old thread but maybe it might help someone later on)

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serious question guys , 


i've taken appart my m14xr1 , up till the BIOS battery (i f"k up lol) , and it worked.


My question is, how hard is it after that to get to the GPU / heatsink and CPU ? i got cooling paste, because yeah, my laptop is a jet engine .. damn small fan and heatsink ! 

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I've been doing a bit of research on this myself, apparently some of the R2/R4 models came with a DC28000CGF0 model of fan, which is apparently better than the DC280009OF0 that my R1 originally came with (and blows, except really loud and really terribly).

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i'm actually in the process of acquiring the ever-so elusive R2 Fan


will keep you posted ! Jan2020 ;) 


So i just installed the R2 model fan in my R1 M14X , i'm running 60-62 deg C on idle. 
Running Linux Mint as Win7 is phased out and i don't think i can run Win10


i don't use it for gaming anymore so it's perfect for my daily use 
and i'm begining to really love Linux Mint ! 


Cheers all ! 

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