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M17X R4 installed AMD FirePro M6000 need help


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I'm facing some problems with AMD FirePro M6000 in my AW m17x r4.

I got this card from Dell precision m6700 and it was fully working.

I installed it in to my aw m17x r4 it can detect it as amd gfx in bios but the gpu fan is not spinning and its get very hot! 

When laptop boots the fan turns on for a couple seconds and turns off.

(I checked many times the fan connector and it's totally fine)

I can manually turn it on in windows with HW info.

I tried to flash different vbios's from techpowerup collection but any of them didn't turn the fan on.

I had same problem when i installed gtx980m from aliexpress to the aw m17x r4 but after flashing vbios from TI fan started working just as it should! 

I attach the dump i took from the card before flashing i think it's original dell vbios for firepro m6000.

Also aida64 detects it as 7870 but windows says it's 7800 and GPUZ says it's cape verde...


By the way the aw m17x r4 runs unlocked a11 bios from this site.


If anyone knows how to solve this problem please respond.



Cape Verde.rom


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